Facebook Adds The ‘Community Help’ Feature To Its Facebook Lite App, Very Helpful To Developing Countries In Times Of National Disaster

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Facebook has announced that it is bringing its disaster response tool called Community Help to the Facebook Lite app. Community Help is meant to provide Facebook users with all the necessary information to help them find food, shelter, and transportation in case of natural disasters and building fires.

It was already available in the full-fledged Facebook app, and will now be incorporated into Facebook Lite for users in more than 100 developing countries, giving more Facebook users access to essential information about food, shelter, medical aid and transportation after a disaster.

In case you’re unaware, Facebook Lite is the social media giant’s ‘lightweight’ app that’s meant largely for developing markets where people often have to deal with poor and unstable networks. The device uses less data than the full-fledged Facebook app and comes with a much smaller footprint so as to make it available even on older and inexpensive devices with low storage.

It makes much more sense to have Community Help on Facebook Lite since the app uses less data and works on basically any smartphone regardless of the hardware inside. Community Help will thus provide users in more than 100 developing countries with essential information after a crisis event. They will get to know where to find shelter, food, and transportations after a disaster.