Entrepreneurs, F**k-Up Nights Harare Is One Of The Coolest Events You’ll Attend Despite The Colourful Name

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So a few days ago, we (Techzim) received an email and the email was sent by F**kup Nights Harare. I don’t think anyone opened that email and I guess the automatic thought going through most people’s minds was, “you’ve sent this to the wrong guys…” And I mean we get a lot of weird emails and questions here and one such email from yesterday:

I know right??? Anyway I’m digressing… F-upnights (as we’ll call them going forward) had actually sent their email to the right people and I guess this is a reminder not to judge a book by its cover. So as I was binging through emails, this email that had been dismissed by everyone else (or maybe it hadn’t, who knows?) caught my attention. Initially, I thought it wasn’t Techzim related but I still went in knowing that whatever’s in there is going to be… interesting, to say the least.

It turns out F-upnights Harare is actually part of a global movement and at the events they host people come and share their stories of personal failure. Hold up!! Before you close the tab and think there’s someone holding a gun to my head asking me to write about their sadistic cult, f-upnights has a fair share of reasoning behind their madness. The PROFESSIONAL f-ups -which are shared at an event once a month around different cities- do not aim to praise failure or encourage it. Instead, the goal is to remove the stigma around failure and learn from your mistakes.

When is F-upnights Harare?

Well, the reason why I explained what happened with the email earlier is so that I could tie that up with an apology. F-upnights is being hosted tonight at Impact Hub (194 Baines Avenue, Harare) and it’s starting at 6 PM. The tickets are already sold out, unfortunately.

I know this is VERY late notice but I think this is a really cool event and kudos to Impact Hub and their partners for making this happen, those in attendance are definitely going to learn one or two things. At one point or another we’ve all had great ideas or what may seem like a great idea but from time to time we haven’t been able to execute on those ideas because we are simply too scared to actually start. I know that’s very cliché, but it’s cliché because it’s true. Fear has a vicegrip effect and you’ll be surprised at the number of people who have not followed through on plans they made because they were afraid.


  1. lol

    Grow up. Have you run out of stories to publish. Expected better from you guys.

    1. Garikai

      Here is another person who reads the title and rush to comment. F-up nights are a global phenomena in the Start UP world my friend. People share their failure stories and encourage one another. The hope is to inspire others and learn because Chakatanga ndochakachenjedza.

    2. Farai Mudzingwa

      What exactly is wrong with this article?

  2. Siege

    The one thing wrong with this article is that I’m only reading it now when tickets are sold out!