Econet Partners South Africa’s Snapplify To Zero Rate E-Book Downloads

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School kids on laptops

Snapplify is a South African ed-Tech company and they’ve partnered with Econet to make zero-rated.  The thousands of books on the platform will now be accessible at no data cost.

The idea behind this partnership is that data in Africa costs an arm and a leg (yes, Econet are aware), so anything that can be done to lessen the burden is welcome. The two companies acknowledged this and noted that “data costs can be a prohibitive barrier to e-reading adoption, holding back digital education infiltration. By removing this data cost, and zero-rating all ebooks and digital educational content, the model offered by Econet will go a long way to making ebooks more accessible and affordable for everyone.”

Snapplify has more than 24 000 books in its library and once users have downloaded the books on the Snaplify, one has to download the Snapplify ereader application which allows them to access their ebooks on the go.

The application isn’t particularly popular in Zimbabwe as buying books on the platform is hard because buying anything and everything outside the country is extremely difficult.