EcoCash Nominated For A London Business School Award, Techzim Report Played A Small Role There

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EcoCash has been nominated for the London Business School Real Innovation Awards 2018. They have been nominated for the ‘Best Beats First Award.’ The award is described as such:

First movers don’t always have the advantage. Sometimes the smart thing is to wait for the pioneers to take the initial risks, and to do the hard work in shaping a market.

This award is for the company that moved quickly to dominate an emerging market category, typically with a different and better business model than the first mover

They are nominated together with an Australian task outsourcing web startup, Airtasker, VHR a technical fields recruitment business that has presence in 45 countries and Winnow, an analytics company that helps food service businesses cut costs in 34 different countries. You can check out profiles of all the nominated businesses in this category here.

Techzim Insights Report played a small part

Several months ago we did a report on how EcoCash got to be s dominant in the Zimbabwean market yet they were the last to mobile wallet to be launched in Zimbabwe. One of the people who purchased the report, Alither Mutsago bought it so he could use it for a research paper he was doing as part of his programme at the London Business School.

Alither tells us that the report was quite helpful for him and that the nomination of EcoCash for the Best Beats First Award was based on the paper he did out of our Techzim Insights Report. We thought we could brag a little!

You can help EcoCash win the award

The Real Innovation Awards have a voting component. You can vote for EcoCash to win by following this link.

Techzim Insights has a new report

Techzim Insights has a new report that focuses on the payments ecosystem in Zimbabwe. How do transcations happen? Who is responsible for what? Where are the weaknesses? Where is the innovation? The report is selling for just $9.99 and you can buy it directly with EcoCash here:



  1. Sacha Robinson

    I’ve previously tried buying the many reports that you offer but never received acknowledgement or payment details for those in the diaspora. I thought I should try one more time : how do I access the report from the UK

  2. Anonymous

    How do we confirm the authenticity of your brag? Is it even verifiable that the report you did actually had a bearing on the nomination of EcoCash? If not, that is a dangerous thing to brag about and borders on misleading people to purchase your product based on incorrect information.