Comexposed’s Comic Book & Digital Arts Convention To Make A Return In October

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Comexposed hosted a yearly comic book convention since 2015. At the event, Comexposed brought together gamers, filmmakers and a range of other artists with the intention of showcasing their works.

Comexposed’s signature convention is being rebranded and will now run under the name Converge. The event –much like Comexposed’s past exhibitions- is meant to show off the works of local artists. If you have an interest in art, animation, production, directing then you will want to be in attendance. Think of it as a local version of ComicCon if you will.

There will also be a list of speakers from these fields who will share their stories- their experiences, business ideas and some of their projects. Converge 2018, like past Comexposed events, will also have activities such as VR screenings, artist showcases and cosplay (dressing up as fictional characters from games, movies etc). Gamers can also come to compete in tournaments for games such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken and FIFA.


Events like Converge are quite interesting and they allow us to create a local culture when it comes to these mediums, whereas all along we’ve been following the trends set by content creators from USA and Japan -especially in the case of comics.

Date & pricing

Converge 2018 will be taking place on the 13th of October and entry will be $5, whilst competing in tournaments will be $3 and there will also be an after party with a $10 charge.