Bizarre: People Are Pretending To Be Dead On Instagram To Get Famous

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

In this age, where social media is being widely used, many people want to be popular on these platforms. But how far are you willing to go to get that celebrity status or become famous?

As it turns out, some people are trying to get famous on Instagram by pretending to be dead. That’s right, in trying to do something out of the ordinary, an increasing number of people have started pretending to be dead on Instagram. Even among bizarre social media trends, this one has got to be the most absurd one I have seen.

How is it done?

Well, the idea is simple: Pretend you are dead, invite other users to leave a ‘RIP’ comment on your photos. That’s exactly what many Instagram users are doing to trick other users and become famous on Instagram. One 15-year-old, Simrin gate-crashed a celebrity’s  (Travis Scott) Instagram profile and dropped some comments on his photos so that he gets famous. One of his posts read,

Hey guys, can u guys comment RIP in my most recent pic because i want my gf to think i’m dead, my family and i recently moved and she wants to keep that relationship, i really want to move on, it was a toxic one.

With just two pictures on his profile, Simrin wouldn’t have got the kind of attention his profile got, without this stunt. Just one photo has 22,000 comments and over 4,000 likes at the time of writing. His profile was discovered by 250,000 other users and was visited 316,000 times since he started playing dead, which is pretty impressive, to say the least. These numbers are expected for audience engagement on a celebrity’s profile.

While speaking to Engadget, he said he wanted to entertain himself by doing something different. It may have been a lie, but it got a lot of attention, thanks to people spotting it and tweeting about it. According to Engadget, Simrin is not the only one doing this, many teens and people, in general, are doing this.

Truth be told, this is just the beginning, and we will definitely be seeing this becoming a trend. After all, social media is all about getting noticed by millions of people by doing bizarre things. What do you think about this trend?