Apple Is Announcing The New iPhone Later On Today And You Can Now Follow Watch The Event Live On Twitter

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

So every time Apple announces a new device, people pay attention. That was the case with the iPod in 2001, similarly, with the iPhone in 2007, the iPad in 2010 and most of the announcement events Apple have hosted. Today they are announcing three new iPhones and most probably an Apple Watch. Standard stuff right.  “Apple always announces new stuff in September, what’s new here?” I can hear you shouting from behind your screen.

Well, for the first time you’ll be able to watch the event live from Apple’s own Twitter account which opens the event up to an entirely new audience.

To watch Apple’s previous iPhone events you could only watch the livestream on Apple’s Safari browser, Apple TV and in recent years Microsoft’s Edge browser. Now the floodgates seem to have been opened to the rest of us using any other browser which is not Safari or Edge. If you were interested you had to follow live updates on other blogs.

The tweet from Apple itself is pretty straightforward and once I liked their tweet, this is what they sent me:

If you’re interested in watching the stream live, like Apple’s tweet and at 7 AM (if things go as announced) you’ll be watching Apple’s newest hardware announcements live.

If you go on Apple’s Twitter page and you don’t see any tweets don’t be too alarmed. Apple doesn’t ‘do’ social media like other companies and this event will actually be their first sets of tweets. The tweets above are actually promotional tweets and they don’t appear on Apple’s timeline.