[Update] Zimpapers Television Network To Livestream The 2018 Election Challenge Court Proceedings From 9 AM

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There has been a lot of questions about Zimbabwe’s Election Challenge and chief among them is “where can I follow the proceedings?” It seems, ZBC is hell bent on ensuring that there is a limited amount of coverage of the ConCourt Hearing.

Luckily enough, Zimpapers has ties to the national broadcasters and they got permission to stream the hearing from 9 AM this morning. Or maybe they paid the $13 000 necessary to stream an uninterrupted live feed from start to finish. Anyway, most importantly the online TV network will be streaming the proceedings live.

You can follow the livestream on ZTN’s Facebook page or their website. I would advise watchers to follow the stream on Facebook as their website was a bit slow and the programming guide didn’t contain the ConCourt Hearing so in order to avoid any confusion stick to Facebook.

ZBC is also streaming the Election proceedings on their Facebook page.


You could also resort to Kwese iflix and stream the proceedings on ZBC, though Kwese announced that proceedings will be starting at 10 AM so I’m not too sure which time is ‘official’.


Too busy to follow the Livestream?

Maybe you are at work and you can’t follow a livestream from start to finish, how do you stay in the loop? Well, if you’re on Twitter an excellent idea would be to follow Open Parly ZW. I’m sure they will be tweeting live updates of the court proceedings just as they usually do with parliament meetings. They also usually tend to present things as they are said and not as they see them so I trust the coverage will be unbiased.

Follow the ConCourt Proceedings On ZBCs Facebook Page

Follow the ConCourt Proceedings On ZTNs Facebook Page

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