Zimbabwe Defence Forces Concerned With Falsehoods On Social Media, Says It Doesn’t Communicate Via Social Media

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The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) has voiced its concern with fake news. ZDF was saying this in the background of news that circulated over the weekend informing people that they shouldn’t go to work today. But ZDF has cleared the air for the future by stating that it doesn’t communicate with Zimbabweans through social media. At a joint press conference with ZRP, ZDF said;

noted with great concern falsehoods that are being peddled on social media which are obviously meant to cause alarm and despondency in the country…..Some of the false messages include the one where it is alleged that soldiers are calling upon the people of Zimbabwe to go onto the streets and shut down Zimbabwe. For the record, this message and its contents should be dismissed. The Zimbabwe Defence Forces does not communicate through social media. Such propaganda is meant to incite public violence and tarnish the image of Zimbabwe Defence Forces

We don’t really know what the law says about fake news but ZRP has already arrested 4 people for posting fake news. We will get back to you when we find information on what the law says about fake news.

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  1. chirisa

    the new cyber laws adress fake news they will be enacted by the new parliament