Will The ZDF Be Interested In The Military IT & Cyberpower Conference In SA Later This Year?

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Zimbabwe’s Defence Forces are not the most popular folks in town right now. After getting in the good books of many back in November (remember the coup-not-coup) our military took two steps back in the events that occurred post-elections. I’m sure the majority of us can agree that the violence that broke couldn’t be further from progressive.

Speaking of ‘progress’ this November there will be a two-day military conference on the 8th and 9th in Sandton Hotel. The Air Force, Army, and Military Information Technology & Cyberpower Conference will be running under the theme Cyber Vision of the Future: Mission Defence and Trusted Information.

The event will have a specific focus on topics such as:

  • Build a more lethal force through gaining and maintaining persistent information advantage for the Joint Force.
  • Assure AFAMITC core missions from threats in, through, and from cyberspace.
  • Attendees will get first and insights from leading government and industry experts on what challenges Africa is facing in the defence.
  • Enable effective and efficient integrated awareness derived from rapid processing, exploitation, and dissemination of decision-quality information.
  • Focusing on the National Defense Strategy implementation

Who should attend the event?

The event is targeting multiple officeholders in the Defence sector;         

  • Air Force;
  • Army Military;
  • IT Experts;
  • Prominent Academics;
  • Security companies;
  • Academics;
  • Airport companies;
  • Academies;
  • Airport companies;
  • Accreditation Boards of Cyber Professionals;
  • Decision Makers;
  • Commercial businesses;
  • Air Forces Professionals;
  • Air University Students and Academicians;
  • Defence Department Personnel;
  • Military Retirees;
  • Government Contractors;
  • Local and State employees

We reached out to the Ministry of Defence to enquire if they would be interested in attending this event but unfortunately Squadron Leader Mademe who also happens to be the Deputy Director was not reachable for comment at the time of writing. We will update this article if we manage to get through to him.