Social Media Etiquette Part 3 : The Ingenious Facebook

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A few day back, we asked our Twitter audience about what they thought had caused the decline in Facebook ‘s revenue, one particular response caught my attention “They are trying to be all things to all people”. Indeed Facebook is now all things to all people.

It keeps your memories and reminds you about them on their anniversary, it keeps record of your friendversary ( to use Facebook’s lingo ) and shares it with you to remind you. It makes you and your friends special birthday videos and of late it introduced most watched photos and monthly memories. All these things are highly exciting that’s why according to The American Journal of Psychiatry, there is a disorder called Facebook addiction.

Is too much Facebook Exposure a good or bad thing?

So since Facebook is exciting, like most exciting things, there are bound to be drawbacks chief among them exposure or in some cases overexposure. The exposure I’m talking about is the act of opening a subject up for discussion or debate. By simply uploading a post you are opening yourself up for a discussion or a debate, thats why Facebook gave us several reaction buttons to react to a post.

So is this type of exposure good or bad? Asking people what they think of you or your thoughts? I cant say its good or bad, but here is what i will say, its kept by Facebook for future reference and you may pay heavily for it one day if you are not careful with what you are sharing with the world on Facebook.

Because we spend our time online these days, its easy to become addicted and do some things absentmindedly, small insignificant things like, liking controversial posts, commenting on things we shouldn’t touch with a 10 feet pole and befriending people we should never ever be friends with, uploading photos we should have deleted from our phones after capturing them etc.

All these activities are leaving a digital footprint on Facebook and they may misrepresent your beliefs, culture or personality at some point and it may cost you a great opportunity and in most cases, an opportunity forgone is never recovered.

Facebook and recruiters

I have personally seen a YouTube video of a recruiter telling other recruiters not to conclude on a candidate’s character or worthiness based on their Facebook activities. It maybe far fetched but we cant deny its coming home one way or the other. Recruiters are starting to check our social media patterns to get a better understanding of us as candidates.

Would you let your dream job pass you by because you liked a posted that “looked like ” it was talking about okaying child marriages? Would you let an opportunity pass you by because a harmless comment on an almost nude picture put the would be partner off?

What can we do to sanitize our Facebook footprints

  1. By all means practice restraint. Be stingy with your reactions because they maybe harmless now but they can be detrimental later.
  2. By all means avoid grey areas. Controversial post are indeed controversial, flea with your life.
  3. Be wary of the content of your posts and shares, whats good today maybe bad tomorrow and very few individuals are willing to give the ignorance discount.
  4. Before you accept a friend request or send one, look at that person’s associates, no one would want to be guilty by association in this day and age.