Smart Harare Is A Platform Which Allows You To Report, View Or Discuss Local Problems

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It’s become common place for general conversations to turn to the ever lowering standards in our capital. Time and time again you hear people lament just how deplorable things have become. Platforms such as Smart Harare aim to act as a mediator between residents and the city council.

Using Smart Harare, locals can report matters, view matters reported by other citizens or just discuss these local problems. Once you have reported the problems, Smart Harare then sends it to the council on your behalf. You can also get alerts on local problems specific to a certain area.

What sort of problems should you report on the site?

Simple. Report local service delivery issues in Harare. For example, burst water pipes, no municipal water, water quality issues, potholes, uncollected refuse, rubbish dumping, pollution, housing violations and more.

How to report a local problem on Smart Harare

  1. Enter a nearby street name and area on Smart Harare’s homepage/application
  2. Locate the problem on a map of the area
  3. Enter details of the problem

If you have pictures of the problem you are reporting you can also upload pictures of the scene and they’ll be attached to your report.

The site also contains a problem counter which has information on reports in the past week, the problems that have been fixed in the past month and updates on reports.

Smart Harare is cool but it would be a lot cooler if this problem counter actually showed visual evidence of the problems that have been solved. Maybe it’s just me, but that piece of mind seems quite necessary.

Useful info…

Apart from filing complaints, Smart Harare also has a list of contacts for the following services:

  • City of Harare
  • Town House
  • Rowan Martin
  • Harare Water
  • Waste Management
  • Fire & ambulance
  • Metropolitan Police

You can also get useful information on the sites Water page. Information on this page includes:

  • Surveys
  • Reports and studies on Harare’s water situation
  • Maps (Water Infrastructure, Weekly water supply status)
  • Bulk water
  • WHO drinking water guidelines
  • Governance (ZINWA, Harare Water)

If you’re interested in reporting some of the problems you are facing within Harare you can also download the Smart Harare app on the Google Play Store. Or you can just report your problem on PC, whatever works for you.



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