President Mnangagwa, Here Is What Some Zimbabweans On Twitter Are Demanding From You

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Three weeks ago we spelled out what President Mnangagwa is going to do for the techies in Zimbabwe. So in turn, we asked our Twitter followers what they want President Mnangagwa to do ‘tech-wise’.  Here is what they want;

1. We need a strong DIGITIZATION and automation policy to remove some unnecessary bottlenecks in public service centers. I’m thinking of how much better the passport office can become, how birth certificates or id issue can be made better.

2. We need to borrow ideas from countries like Israel for technology in agriculture. They have one of the most advanced irrigation and crop monitoring technologies to guarantee higher crop yields.

Government tendering should move to a blockchain system to enhance transparency.

I would prefer he sets up tech incubators for entrepreneurs. Our school leavers need to learn how to code at a young age so that we can solve our economic problems.W e can learn from Israel or Silicon Valley.

We would love to see rural areas internet connectivity improved

Revise the telecommunications interception bill and respect every individual’s right to data privacy

He should start with rationalizing ownership and funding so we can also have stiff competition in the telecommunications industry as well as the mobile money industry.

Free radio waves

There is need to introduce a comprehensive e-Government system

reduce tax on IT related imports, we can’t invest in new tech if we are being restricted by equipment costs,

Lower data charges please sir!

Govt ministries and departments should have websites that do not crush (Hey ). Also Ministers should stop using personal email accounts

Their data capturing in parastatals must be digitalised.Tired of waiting in long queues to get documents from a mountain of papers aka Data Base

Reduce Data, all service provider to provide 4G network countrywide within 100days

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  1. Heeeeei

    Are these new demands by the tech community in Zimbabwe or these have always been there? Can I summarise all of them as asking for the genuine embracing of ICT by government for Zimbabwe’s sustainable economic and social development underpinned by energy accessibility, availability and affordability? Can all this be documented in an inclusive national long term development plan? A leader must not look at sectors or industries in isolation but the whole economy in its totality? I know this is asking too much from an exclusive system that has been in control for decades

  2. Anonymous

    Allow mobile telephone investors like MTN Vodacom in our country (Econet is setting pace for the country thereby playing hidden monopolistic market share)

  3. Anonymous

    By banning cryptocurrency without consulting or debating with anyone already shows that these people (zanu pf) do not care about your thoughts, ideas or demands. If he (ED) even reads this article it will be a miracle. God speed to you all.

  4. Tonderai

    A number of those demands are either unreasonable, or require a long and well planned implementation plan.

  5. oh yawn !!!

    yaaaawnnn….. next please !!!