President Mnangagwa Files Court Petition Opposing Live-Streaming Of Tomorrow’s Presidential Election Challenge: But Why?

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Media Institute of Southern Africa’s (MISA) court application seeking to broadcast the Wednesday’s court case has been opposed by President Mnangangwa. Early today, President Mnangagwa filed a notice of opposition citing that MISA shouldnt be allowed to live-stream, but only state owned ZBC has to broadcast the event.

This come in the background of Misa Zimbabwe and Bulawayo based journalist Busani Bafana, last week applied to the court saying that the court proceedings are of national interest and should be streamed live. But they were not given permission to stream the court proceedings and since then they filed a petition seeking authorisation. The verdict will be announced later today.

If MISA is also given permission to stream the court proceedings, more people chave chance to follow the event than if ZBC solely broadcast it. As it is, ZBC uses analogue broadcasting system, so the chances of getting uninterrupted feed is low. Or as some people put it, ZBC may sabotage itself and interupt the feed.


  1. L. Makombe

    Misleading heading.

    1. taf

      how so?

  2. alltechzw

    what are you trying to hide baba

  3. zanubc tv sucks !!

    z(anu)bc does not want to mess up, so its better for them to effectively “censor” the content by zanubc alone if required.

  4. Tawanda Mashona

    Someone is running scared, can see the signal mama

  5. T Trey

    This is very not true.. Fellow citizens dont be misslead

    1. tatendamusinachirevo (@tatemusina)

      they have posted the evidence, how then is it not true?

    2. Gabriel Finch

      yah the way the story is presented in not a true representation of the facts.

      a party against whom a petition is filed, especially one in an appeal or a divorce case.

  6. Gabriel Finch

    you need to get your facts straight

  7. Gabriel Finch

    To be clear ZBC will use their equipment and telecast to all who require the feed

  8. Anonymous

    Why would they violate our right to press and information? They must be really trying hard to hide something.

  9. Sharia

    Haven’t watched kidsnet tv aka dead bc for the past 18 years, sure I’ll die if I do so…
    The movies I watched at CJ Hall in Highfield in the 70s as a kid are by far superior to those they try to make people part with their hard-earned cash for today………..those running the show now must have been busy herding cattle then.

  10. Sagitarr

    So the man who appears on DStv proclaiming “Zimbabwe is open for business” (the only country which thinks putting a sitting head of state on a tourism advert will lure tourists), wants the country to be closed to technology? No surprises there!!