POSB Urges Customers To Update Their Banking Details

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People’s Own Savings Bank, more commonly known as POSB has put out an update calling on all clients to update their information in a customer information update exercise they are carrying out.

You can read POSB’s notice below:

Our Valued POSB clients

Visit any POSB branch and update your details for your convenience. This is to comply with regulatory requirements and to ensure ease of access to our future digital products and services.

Deadline 31 August 2018

The following will be required:

From individuals customers

  • Original Identification Document (ID, passport, driver’s license)
  • Proof of residence (own property – utility bill in own name, not more than 3 months old or if not own – accompanied by an affidavit of the owner of the property. For rural areas – a confirmation letter from the village chief, headmaster or police)
  • Contact details – bona fide cellphone number

From Churches, Schools, Clubs

  • Original Idenitification Document (ID, passport, driver’s license) for all authorized signatories
  • Proof of residence for all authorized signatories
  • Consttution, resolution, minutes
  • Bona fide telephone numbers
  • Email address


  • Original Memorandum of Association
  • Original Articles of Association
  • Original Certificate of Registration/Incorporation
  • CR6 – details of the company’s registered address
  • CR14 – details of directors and company secretary
  • Information for all directors and shareholders (ID, proof of residence and passport photo and contact details)
  • Zimra Tax clearance certificate
  • Email address