MultiChoice Launches DStv Now Apps For Android TV, Apple TV, and Smart TV’s

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MultiChoice is launching the DStv Now App on three new platforms; Samsung Smart TV’s (from 2015  going on), Apple TV (4th gen) and Android TV.

DStv Now is an add on that comes with DStv subscriptions and allows users to stream DStv content from that package on the go using their mobile phones, and laptops.

I only recently acquainted myself with DStv Now and I must admit it’s very convenient. Not having to argue with anyone at home when you want to watch a live sporting event is refreshing but the only drawback is the data consumption. Because you’re streaming the content online if you want to watch at any decent resolution you’ll have to make sure your internet is fast enough and you also have enough data to actually watch. Streaming one hour of full HD content will consume around 1.7Gb per hour which is no joke!

Refining the experience

Anyway with the new applications being launched on these platforms, DStv is looking to optimize the DStv Now experience as I’m assuming that before this users on Smart TV’s had to access DStv now using the built in web-browsers on their TV’s. I don’t picture that being the most exciting experience so it’s great that DStv is bringing an application for the (few) people who are viewing on these platforms.

4k coming soon

DStv is also bringing 4K to the DStv Now platform in a bid to better compete with popular streaming service Netflix. I think this is something that will be targeting South African subscribers in the short term, as the rest of us couldn’t afford the whooping 7Gb/hour needed to stream at Ultra HD. Anyway for those with unlimited internet that’s fast enough, I’m sure that will be a welcome feature, granted you have the TV, Phone or laptop to actually reap the benefits of 4k.

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  1. Garikai

    I love DSTV Now. Sometimes you lose the remote control wars and instead of watching the Kardashians you can just excuse yourself, go into the next room with your tablet or laptop, plugin earphones and get lost in the EPL. Can even be useful if you have a shameless employer who keeps you at work beyond 14:00 hours on Saturdays.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      It’s a good service! The convenience is crazy