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Okay there are five things certain in life: death, you paying your taxes, the cash crisis, Trump tweeting controversial things every week and me writing another cheerleader Udemy article. I love personally love and use Udemy and that has nothing to do with the fact that they give us kickbacks every time we make a sale.

Before I forget there is the usual Ecocash Offer where those interested can pay me using Ecocash and I can pay for them using my MasterCard. See last paragraph for details

What’s Udemy and how can you use it to learn programming

Udemy is an online learning programming that makes use of video course tutorials to teach interested people certain skills such as programming or how to make the perfect souffle. Courses are self paced (i.e. you take your time), you have free lifetime access to each course you purchase which means you can always get back to a concept if you miss something. You can also learn new concepts for example when Laravel updates to the next version you can learn the new version for free.

Udemy is perfect for students who want to augment in class learning, learn a new course or programming language etc. It’s perfect for bosses who want to learn new skills e.g. project management. Dinosaurs can also learn digital marketing and take advantage of Social Media instead of constantly vilifying it for no reason.

Most of the courses come with a certificate of completion that you get once you have completed the course. Courses also come with practice questions and projects to help you master the new skills.

Curated course list

Udemy has a dizzying amount of courses that can make it hard to choose. There are a gazillion JavaScript courses for example. Feel free to enrol in a course of your choosing but if in doubt here are a few awesome courses you can enrol in.

Ecocash Offer

I have a little bit of funds in my MasterCard so if you want to pay using Ecocash:

  • Get in touch with me via WhatsApp 0772 473 953 or email garikaib which is my Gmail handle
  • Tell me the course that you want (name and instructor) or send me a link to the course (any course from Udemy)
  • Once I give you the go ahead send $20 to the above number and send me your Udemy email/ If you want to use ZIPIT I will give you my account number
  • I will pay and “gift” you the course
  • Once this offer expires I will delete this paragraph. Offer is

If you have a MasterCard/Visa that can make international payments you can go ahead and take advantage of the promotion on your own.



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