Here’s A List Of The EcoFarmer Club Functions & USSD’s Codes In One Place

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

EcoFarmer just launched the new (and very promising) EcoFarmer Club membership programme and under this program farmers will have access to many different services and products. With such a broad list of functions we thought it might be helpful to have them all in one place.

In this article, we won’t be talking about how EcoFarmer Club works, for that you can read the article we wrote earlier.

How to register for EcoFarmer Club

  1. Dial *144#
  2. Select EcoFarmer Club (option 2)
  3. Select Subscribe (option 1)
  4. Select payment option (Users have 4 choices;monthly, every 6 months, yearly and weekly)
  5. Confirm request
  6. Enter your EcoCash PIN

The subscription will be confirmed and then auto rebilling will take place once the next payment is due.

How to Select EcoFarmer Club-Tips

Club members will also have access to tips on a selection of crops/livestock and EcoFarmer delivers these tips as bundles.These are not the bundles you are used to hearing about when we talk about network services but the tips are literally a collection of tips for crops and livestock bundled together. There are 12 bundles to chose from:

  1. Maize Groundnuts Cattle
  2. Maize Groundnuts Chickens
  3. Maize Groundnuts Goats
  4. Maize Tobacco Cattle
  5. Maize Tobacco Goats
  6. Maize Tobacco Chickens
  7. Maize Tomatoes Cattle
  8. Maize Tomatoes Goats
  9. Maize Tomatoes Chickens
  10. Sorghum Groundnuts Cattle
  11. Sorghum Groundnuts Chicken
  12. Sorghum Groundnuts Goats

So how do you actually access these tips? Well, that’s not difficult either;

  1. Dial *144#
  2. Select EcoFarmer Club (option 2)
  3. Select Farming Tips (option 2)
  4. Select your choice from the 12 bundles
  5. Select Confirm
  6. Press OK

That’s that for tips.

How to view market prices on the EcoFarmer Club Menu

Market prices will be categorised with crops having their own sections and livestock having their own sections. There will also be sections for Horticulture and fruits. The sections will be presented as follows:

  • Horticulture (A-M) which will contain Butternuts, Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumbers, Garlic and Green Mealies
  • Horticulture (N-Z) which will contain Onions (fresh), Onions (dried), Potatoes (small), Potatoes (large), Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes (Jam), Tomatoes (Round)
  • Fruits which will include Apple(golden delicious), Banana(ripe), Avocado (local), Macadamia
  • Livestock which will include Guinea Fowl, Chicken (Broiler), Chicken (local), Rabbits
  • Field Crops (A-M) which will include Cow Peas, Finger Millet, Groundnuts (shelled), Groudnuts (unshelled), Maize (dry, white grain)
  • Field Crops (N-Z) which will include Pearl Millet, Roundnuts (Nyimo-fresh,unshelled), Roundnuts (dry, unshelled), Sugar beans, Sorghum White, Sunflower

Viewing the market prices for these commodities is a walk in the park;

  1. Dial *144#
  2. Select EcoFarmer Club (option 2)
  3. Select Market Prices (option 3)
  4. Select a Category of your choice (e.g Horticulture A-M)
  5. Select Product (e.g Butternut)
  6. Select Region

Moving on…

Accessing EcoFarmer Club-Weather Information

  1. Dial *144#
  2. Select EcoFarmer Club (option 2)
  3. Select Weather Forecast (option 5)
  4. Select Weather Forecast option (there are 4 options to choose from; today, specific time of week, specific day of week and weeks outlook)
  5. Select time of weather forecast required (e.g 12am to 6am)
  6. Press OK

The EcoFarmer Trading Platform USSD Codes will have their own article as that contains many different functions that will need to be explained as well