Here Is What Zimbabwe’s New President, ED Mnangagwa Wants To Do For The ICT Sector

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe now has a new president, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. The honor comes with the task of delivering the promises he made in his party’s manifesto. He made many promises across different areas but as techies, we are more interested in the promises he made for the Information Communications (ICT) Sector. Here are the promises;

Promise#1-Liberalizing the airwaves

This means that the use of state-owned media will no longer be monopolized by the government.

Promise#2-Expanding mobile networks

We expect more than 3 mobile network operators (MNO) within 5 years. Currently, Zimbabwe has 3 MNO’s, Econet, Telecel, and Netone, of which government owns the latter 2. The 3 MNO’s currently serve 11.7 million people.

Promise#3-Adopting modern technologies

This promise is both vague and too broad. I don’t know if it means we are adopting modern technologies like blockchain, self-driving vehicles, 3D printing, E-learning, artificial intelligence etc.

Promise#4-Upgrading and expansion of backbone and core networks, towers, base stations

Yes, there are many areas where people are starving to get connected to local MNO’s networks. So with the execution of this promise, those areas will get connected.

Promise#5-Establish more information centers

This is another vague promise but after adding 2 and 2, I think  “Establish more information centers”  means establishing more Community Information Centres (CICs).

Community Information Centres are “public places where people can access computers, the Internet and other digital technologies that enable them to gather information, create, learn and communicate with others while they develop essential digital skills”.

CICs will be of help to further the knowledge and appreciation of ICT in those areas I once mentioned where they can’t access MNO’s networks.

Promise#6-Establish a new International Gateway, connecting all government ministries, on Optic Fibres

This third promise I’m not really sure what it means. An International gateway is a telephone number through which calls are routed to get cheaper rates on international long distance charges or to make calls through voice over IP (VOIP) networks internationally. And international gateways are used by scammers in making an international call into a certain country appear as if it is originating from a local number rather than the real location. So I’m not sure what the president meant by an International gateway

Besides that, I expect better administration with E-governance as the government gets connected to the internet. But for E-governance to take off, the government may need to hire new, stuff which is young (this comes with tech savviness) that can quickly learn new technology.

Promise#7-Networking of central hospital

I’m not sure what this means. All I know is that networking is the exchange of data between nodes over a shared medium in an information system. I don’t know which is the central hospital. Also, I don’t know what (and which) is the central hospital.


  1. magas

    promise number 1 akatoitadza kare, i doubt anything will change on that front

    1. Garikai

      That’s how they have retained power. For information is power liberating the airwaves would be monumentally stupid and our dear masters are anything but

  2. Robert Ndlovu


    “Why go for a unified international gateway?

    The idea of a single gateway is based on 2 different reasons as far as we publicly know. One school of thought is that having a single gateway makes it easier for the government to monitor and verify the revenues in the international call arena since monitoring of traffic is viewed at a single point.”

    This will be on both data and voice so that it could have control which websites to can access.This was tabled in parliament in 2016. From PTC to liberization of telecoms and back to it.

  3. Health informatician

    I got an opportunity to study health IT on a full scholarship but my former employer, the ministry of health would not support me saying they have no need for that qualification so I wonder how Promise 7 will be achieved if they reject qualified and skilled labour

    1. chirisa

      change of leadership change of ideas change of vision and understanding of how things work try try try again if yu dont successed try try again ask masiyiwa dzokororo inesimba

  4. Worried

    Well our liberators/owners of the country are at it again… Promising what they have been promising for the last 20yrs with extremely poor success…I doubt a crocodile can change its teeth…

    1. chirisa

      watch the space uone ED arikumhanya chinhu those 7 promises are just the begining kungoti it takes two to tango what are yu as a zimbabwean bringing to the table kuti tivake zim