Everyday Banking For Everyday People It Is.

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“Everyday Banking for everyday people” is the Steward bank tagline that has caught our attention simply because Steward Bank has indeed become an everyday bank for everyone.


How has Steward Bank become an everyday bank you may want to know? The answer is so simple apart from all products Steward Bank is offering the local market it has also introduced a service tailor made for the diaspora market, Square World Application. What is the Square world App?

Square world is mobile banking solution designed for Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Whether you bank with Steward Bank or not, Square World will allow you transact conveniently back home. The Square world app features suite includes,

  1. Balance Enquiry
  2. Mini Statement
  3. RTGS
  4. IFT
  5. Zipit
  6. Bill Payments
  7. Mortgage Calculator
  8. Batsi
  9. Currency Converter
  10. Exchange Rates
  11. Remmitances

All these functions are housed in an application that any user can easily navigate in and access the different menus without a hustle. A user can inquire their balance, or access their mini statement or do an RTGS, internal transfer and or a ZIPIT within the application. There is a Mortgage Calculator that when fed with your information will calculate your mortgage rates, there is Batsi the bot that can answer questions and many other services.

This Square World application also allows you to open an account by following these steps,  you can also do remitance term deposits,users can also access world remit and send money  back home using this application.

Nomatter where you are, at any time of the day, any day of the week, you can transact easily with the The Square World App. This in my mind is everyday banking for everyday people. The convenience, the advantages, the pecks of being able to transact efficiently and effectively without any hustle definitely is a service fit for everyday banking people.

Steward Bank has over the years evolved from a small bank to a  Zimbabwean problem solver. When you are feeding the masses you usually eat with the classes, and its only natural that their products succeed as they are well executed.

What else?

Purchasing a home or constructing one whilist you are abroad is and has been a nightmare to many people. We have heard of people who were let down by their closest relatives who they were sending money to construct homes on their behalf.

Of all the things Steward bank has done, it has eliminated the 3rd man in the equation of having a home away from home. The transaction is just between a buyer and a seller no third parties involved and this in my books is the greatest convenience a home seeker can ever wish for.

The Diaspora Mortgage which is coming at 0% deposit and a 2% interest per anum is available for people who meet the requirements listed here.

Hate it or love it, Steward bank is now a huge part of our everyday life. Its easy to do business with corporates that have a fomulae thats working because the chances of messing the whole equation up are greatly reduced. If i was in the diaspora i would not walk or run but i would fly to get these deals because they are too good to be missed.

For more information contact: call/whatsapp: +263771222305

email: Revesai.Nyahasha@stewardbank.co.zw

Steward Bank website: www.stewardbank.co.zw