EcoCash Collaborates With Mastercard To Introduce The ‘Scan+Pay’ Service That Makes It Way Faster To Make Payments

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Calculating EcoCash charges

Today EcoCash has collaborated with Mastercard to introduce a new payment service that enables EcoCash customers to make QR payments to merchants and billers through the EcoCash app. The payment service called Scan+Pay will allow EcoCash customers to scan a barcode image (QR code)  through the Ecocash app (in their phone) so that they can pay for goods at the checkout point.

The Scan+Pay is enabled by Mastercard’s Masterpass QR, which is a secure payment solution system. The enablement of Masterpass Scan+Pay capability within the EcoCash app represents yet another important milestone in EcoCash’s digital payments journey.

Scan+Pay- Step by Step guide

First off you have to download the EcoCash mobile App on AppStore or Play store.

  • Launch the Ecocash application
  • Go to Make Payments & select QR Pay Option
  • Scan the merchant QR code displayed at merchant point-of-sale
  • Enters the transaction amount to initiate payment
  • Confirms the transaction with a PIN
  • Receives instant confirmation of successful funds transfer
  • Collects goods when the merchant receives payments notification

Surely, we are aware of the prevailing cash shortages and simultaneously the drive to be a cashless economy. Well for companies they are facilitating cashless payments from customers in the back of incurring exorbitant costs of acquiring and maintaining POS devices.  But with the Scan+Pay companies invest so little in it than (they could spend) on POS devices. In a nutshell, the Scan+Pay is a threat to the existence of POS devices as it is a very cost-effective alternative.

For ordinary Ecocash customers, they should be happy because, with Scan+Pay they are saved from entering many USSD codes to make payments, rather they can just scan a QR code using the EcoCash app and make the payment in fewer steps.

Do you need an internet connection to use Scan+Pay?

No, you don’t need data bundles to use the Scan+Pay service. As it happens, the EcoCash app is Zero rated so it means you don’t need data bundles to use it.



  1. magas

    does it require internet to make the payment which might be a challenge since data bundles are not that cheap.

    1. Alvine Chaparadza

      Thanks, Magas for asking that. No, you don’t need data bundles.

  2. sg

    There is no Mastercard or Masterpass connection, its just scanning a qrcode

    check with ecoback, they have an Masterpass option

  3. Jabin

    Can anyone comment on a side note here? My experience with the ecocash app seems to be that it will not work without being connected to wifi?

    1. Al Kayz

      It does work without wifi connected, all that is needed is an econet sim card(Why: internet connection zero rated on it for the app) and internet connection on.

  4. Sagitarr

    Lovely step this – EcoCash. Well done!!