Chinese Tech Billionaire, Jack Ma In Zimbabwe. Maybe He doesn’t Care Much About Our Politics, Violence, Pending Results…

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Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma Nairobi

You wouldn’t expect anyone who is not a journalist (a war journalist even) to come to Zim right now but Jack Ma the Founder and Executive Chair of Alibaba Group was or is still in Zimbabwe today.

Of course he wasn’t in the crazy capital, unless he was too. Her was spotted in Victoria Falls actually. He could be here on holiday although there are rumours that suggest otherwise but we can’t share on these at the moment. Reports are that Ma arrived in the country yesterday and slept at the Victoria Falls Hotel.

Hey even if he’s on holiday, we thought we could just share. It’s not everyday that foremost tech entrepreneurs visit our country and it’s ironic that he would on a day when some of the craziest violence to ever erupt in Zimbabwe was going down. The allure of Victoria Falls might be stronger than we thought it seems.

Here are some images circulating on WhatsApp:

Jack Ma in Zimbabwe

Jack Ma in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


  1. kivovon

    Of course he wasn’t in the crazy capital, unless he was too. “Her” was . There is a typo there.

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Thanks much for the heads up!

  2. Kevin

    “Hey” even if he’s on holiday.

    And another.

  3. dre5co

    Jack Ma was in 🇿🇼 🤯 🤯 🤯

  4. chirisa

    zimbabwe ia open for business

  5. Pie Man

    There is a reason the Chinese government was just about the first to publicly find the elections here to be a perfect example of a democratic process: there’s so much more money/regional influence/land to be had here! Jack, even if in passing, likely won’t let that pie go (obvious not colcom pork iri payi! Or maybe…) without at least looking into how he can get a slice.