Zim Space Agency Will Be Made Up Of The Following Departments

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The Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency (ZINGSA) is set to be officially launched in a matter of hours. The Ministry Of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development who will be heading the agency released details of how ZINGSA will be structured.

We’ve already taken a look at some of the things that the agency hopes to achieve and it seems there are clear and beneficial use cases of such an agency. Whether or not these targets will be met is something worth questioning if you know the government setting these targets. Their track record is less than stellar. Hopefully these reservations will be proven wrong in the long run.

The space agency will be made up of five of the following departments…

Space Operations and Launch Services Department

The Ministry has specified that this department will have the following responsibilities:

  • preparation and implementation of Earth Observation missions;
  • satellite command and control;
  • managing communication between spacecraft, ground stations and control centres;
  • linking various complex operating processes;
  • incorporating new technologies to space operations as the technologies become available;
  • strategic planning of space operations; specifically developing future plans for ZINGSA systems, facilities and personnel;
  • launch services facilitating access to space for ZINGSA missions;
  • ensure that critical infrastructure to access and use space meets expectations of ZINGSA.

Space Science Department

According to the Ministry the Space Science Department will act as ZINGSA’s reasearcher:

There shall be a Space Science Department responsible for championing research that will increase the understanding of planets that exist outside the Earth’s solar system through coordinating scientific research and educational programmes to improve science education, with the following key research areas:

  • space physics;
  • astrophysics;
  • space weather, and planetary science.

Space Engineering Department

There shall be a Space Engineering Department which shall provide Engineering advice and assistance to

  • ZINGSA programmes and projects,
  • ZINGSA innovations for space; from concept to applications,
  • educate scientists and engineers as well as inspire Space Research to better understand the Earth, our solar system and beyond.

Geospatial and Earth Observation Department

This department will conduct specialised research and development projects and activities on geospatial applications and earth observation. Focus will be placed on;

  • geoinformation Science and Earth Observation
  • geospatial analytics and remote sensing
  • mining and mineral exploration
  • disaster management
  • weather and climate,
  • geospatial intelligence
  • agriculture intelligence
  • water, energy, health and any other nationally strategic applications.

Finance and Administration department

If the past departments were flying past your head this will probably feel like familiar territory. The administration department is tasked with with ensuring the efficient delivery of the promises made ZINGSA. The targets of this department are said to be:

  • developing business plans, timelines and budgets t perform financial projects;
  • developing and maintaining standard financial and administrative procedures;
  • monitoring and managing expenditures within allotted budget;
  • ensuring the preparation and maintenance of all financial records;
  • identification and resolution of financial and administrative issues.

What do you think about the governments decision to start dabbling in space technology? Is it necessary or we have bigger fish to fry?


  1. Tofara

    Excellent idea. Keep it up Ministry of Higher Education. But did the organisation have to be called by such a long, long name? Was it necessary to load all the functions of the organisation into its name? The result is that even the abbreviation is too long to use in an ordinary conversation. You could have called it Zimbabwe Space Agency (ZAS), or Space Agency Zimbabwe (SPAZ).

  2. subconscious

    I think we are jumbing too high in using gov expenditure for experiments , tatadza ku studer agric and mineral science on the ground then we miracululously can study it from space , where are our advisors pliz help

  3. ashley

    the problem of studying it from the ground is it is limited in the information you get and it takes long but using such science is much less to do. As for the name itis too long just ZSA or SAZ will just do. weneed such mind so that we are able to develop and better manage our environment and resources. thats wat should have been done a long time and i now get it why yu sending some kids to do aerospace engineering on presidential scholarships.

  4. Ryan

    How are we going to conquer the stars when these guys can’t even operate an airline and keep a plane in the sky on schedule?

  5. Manford Mountain

    That is what we need as Zimbabweans. The ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education is now taking a lead towards national development

  6. JG

    Brilliant idea! Zimbabwe should think beyond today’s technologies and exploring into space is the right approach. We can do things on parallel!

  7. matts bvunza

    we are trying to build a pyramid from the apex, at the moment there is nothing we need from space as a country and we do not have the resources. the mineral exploration being talked about are not necessary at the moment as we are already failing to mine some of these minerals by our own and require foreigners to do it for us. Why dont we start with the smaller things like producing our own spoons and forks, calculators etc from scratch using machines we build ourselves then we grow gradually. What we need now is a system which identifies talent and nature it to grow and help the country which is the opposite of what happened to that guy taisek. that was an example of a brilliant mind instead of funding that guy or at least pay attention to what he had to offer people laughed

  8. Anonymous

    This is an excellent move. Keep it up.

  9. A.G Tech

    they dont even have an official website yet………

  10. Anonymous

    With ZINGSA we can now be proud Zimbabweans, well done MHTE