ZEC Reminds People Where They Are Registered To Vote (Polling Station) Via Bulk SMSs

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Don’t freak out, I know talking about ‘bulk SMSs’ has been associated with a controversy that happened some weeks ago. But today it’s a different story.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is utilizing its vast repository of phone numbers to send bulk SMSs reminding people about where they are registered to vote on the upcoming general elections. However, the SMSs were not sent to everyone (by the time we are writing this). Here is one sample of the messages, ZEC is sending;



  1. Anonymous

    Am not sure what you mean by “However, the SMSs were not sent to anyone (by the time we are writing this).”
    Someone i was with in the Elevator yesterday night received a message from ZEC confirming personel details and where to vote. I hope the messages are going to all political party members, not selective….

    1. Nyambosi

      My 96 year old dad who did not register during the BVR registration period and is not eligible to vote this Monday also received the message. The question is now which data base is ZEC using.