ZB Bank Suspends Swipe-Into-EcoCash, Joins Stanbic

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
ZB Bank

ZB Bank debit card holders are not currently able to do the Swipe-Into-EcoCash service. In a ‘tweet’ reply, to a customer who had asked why he is failing to do swipe into EcoCash, ZB Bank replied that the service was currently suspended.

Yesterday in the afternoon, we reported that Stanbic had also suspended Swipe-into-EcoCash and now its ZB Bank. We have contacted ZB and they didn’t say much with this reply;

We have temporarily suspended the service and will advise you once its back on



  1. Bryan

    Banks should intergrate all mobile money platforms into their systems, the monopoly being enjoyed by Ecocash is causing inconveniences whenever their platform is down, i believe One Money by Netone is doing well and people should give it a try to demonopolize Ecocash.


    Is this the complete article? Seems like it’s a prematurely published piece.

  3. nemesis of north

    saka ngavatipe cash kana vadaro