Who’s Watching Your Kids And Your Home While You’re At Work? Best You Do It Yourself, Here’s How

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School kids on laptops

I am sure you have seen at least one of those videos, the ones of child minders abusing the kids they are supposed to take care of. I cringed when I saw one and I wondered why people would share such. Recently though I came to know of a story that made me think maybe just maybe there is something positive about people sharing such videos.

So, recently I had a story of a child here in Zimbabwe who was allegedly abused by a neighbor repeated times. The sad part in that story is that the child’s nanny knew this was happening and she just didn’t report. Why? She was afraid! It made me angry that someone who had been hired to protect this little girl was too self absorbed and concentrated on whatever fear she had (which didn’t make sense to begin with) to stand up for the vulnerable child.

When the parents eventually discovered that this was happening that’s when the nanny confessed she had suspected this was happening and she had some videos she had recorded with her phone. Come on!

This is the story that made me think that even though it’s not cool that people share the videos of child minders abusing kids maybe me such videos would shock parents into being more careful with who they hire for this sensitive job.

So why is this story on Techzim?

Technology now allows you to be in two places at the same time. It sounds paranoid but when it comes to kids, your kids you can’t afford to be less than extra careful and keep your eyes on them as much as you can. There are now affordable solutions that allow you to have remote access to your home and to check on things visually any time and from anywhere.

Get Peace Electronics to install CCTV at your house

Peace Electronics, a division of Peace Security provides a number of electronic solutions for the home and workplace. Today we will just talk about home surveillance and monitoring. They offer full end to end closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring kits which will be tailored to your requirements. CCTV of course allows you to record goings on at your property usually from within the premises for example the camera footage could be coming to a laptop in your bedroom.

Beyond that, Peace Electronics enables remote viewing of the CCTV footage in real time from anywhere through your laptop, tablet or smartphone as long as you have an internet connection of course. This allows you to keep an eye on things and maintain your peace of mind.

What if you already have CCTV installed by someone else?

If you have CCTV installed already you don’t have to get it taken down so you can get Peace Electronics to install theirs just so you enjoy remote viewing. Peace Electronics can enable remote viewing of your CCTV no matter who installed it.

For businesses

If you run a retail operation or whatever business that has risk of pilferage then CCTV is a no brainer. Added to that you can take a peep into the shop floor or store room or whatever other area whenever you like, at whatever time you want and from wherever you are.

Getting in touch with Peace Electronics

Reach out to Peace Electronics on these numbers: 0242570096, 0242570104/7, 0242570122/5/7/8, 0242570139, 0242570146, 0242570150 or email them at  info@peaceelectronics.org