President Mnangagwa Says He Is More Concerned With What Happens On The Ground, Not Social Media

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
Emmerson Mnangagwa with Supa Mandiwanzira

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he is not worried about social media being used to incite violence as we edge closer to the Presidential Election on the 30th of July. Speaking to Sky News, the President said:

On social media, people can sit in (their) houses drinking his whiskey and say anything they want. That is not what we are worried about. We are worried about the reality on the ground, (whether) anyone has been aggrieved and the courts are open (for them).

There is some truth to the President’s statement but social media platforms also give the public a voice with which to express what is happening on the ground, so it’s not entirely fair to dismiss everything that happens on social media.

Hopefully, this lux approach towards social media and the internet does not disappear during and after elections as we await results to be announced. The last thing the public would want is a government-induced internet blackout. The ICT & Cyber Security Minister already ruled this out, so hopefully both President ED and Supa Mandiwanzira are men of their word.