President Launches C-Trade: Zimbabwe’s First Online Platform To Trade Shares Listed On Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

So, this is it, Zimbabweans can now trade shares listed on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange online. This is being made possible by C-trade, which is a platform that enables the buying and selling of shares online on a computer or mobile device. The launch was graced by President Mnangagwa who said;

The establishment of a well-coordinated stock exchange brings together those who require capital with those who have capital- and C-Trade allows trading from anywhere; a great stride for our country……The establishment of a well-coordinated stock exchange brings together those who require capital with those who have capital

Why this a milestone

According to C-Trade, “of the 14 million population of Zimbabwe, only 7000 are active on the stock market”. Hence C-trade will bring the stock market within reach of everyone rather than those people and institutions with hoards of money.  With this platform a new batch of traders, could be pulled, who were previously concerned that they had to constantly call their broker to buy or sell securities for them. Now they can do it themselves on their smartphones or computer.

How to access C-trade you can access C-traded platform on three platforms, which are;

  • USSD *727#


  1. Geek Broz

    well well lets see what Zimbabwe have brought us i have been waiting to see and have a taste of our own trading plartform , i hope it will bring ecocash payment . Thanks for the update team.

  2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Is this application live and working? I installed the Android app and had some issues trying to get any of the trading features to work.

  3. Tinashe

    Keeps crashing. Can’t register

  4. Munashe@Zee

    Best part is that you can use ecocash too

  5. Tofara

    It’s not displaying well on iOS. I therefore failed to register. It seems that it wasn’t designed as a responsive site.

  6. $$$

    Time to wash those RTGS balances. No doubt a reall is coming…. Followed by a crash.. Just get it in time

  7. Flawed

    Let’s have an article on the app. I’m sure there’s a lot of bugs… Might give it a go later when issues mentioned above are resolved

  8. Mhofu

    Have registered now it’s sending message that deposit option not ready. How do i resolve that

  9. Perfectiviness Chirema

    Does this thing have a web based trading platform because I only saw the Android app and iOS app how are about people using operating systems such as 1. Windows(phone) 2. Blackberry os 3. Symbian OS 4. China phones 5. Etc Surely you are leaving these people behind

  10. leruemukudzei

    check they is c-trade online

  11. kevanzo

    Can we have it on appstore please

  12. memory ACADEMIC OR LANGUAGE STUDENT (F) washaya

    has anyone done anything productive with this thing???

  13. Munashe@ZEE

    has any1 actually gotten their shares yet?

  14. Style

    Placed order to buy shares through platform two weeks ago and order still open. the customer care rep on chat was not very helpful either – no commitment from them. anyone had a good experience with them?