Online Transactions For CBZ Customers Now More Secure With The Addition Of ‘Verified-By-Visa’ Security Feature

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CBZ has introduced a new feature to its Visa card that is designed to make online payments of its customers more secure.  The feature, which is called, Verified-By-Visa (VBV),  helps prevent people or hackers to use an unsuspecting customer’s CBZ Visa Card without his or her permission.

Cards with no VBV only require a customer’s card number, expiration date and CVC on the back of the card. Unfortunately, hackers can often find ways around it to gain access to your card.

But with VBV, customers are given an added level of protection by entering a password each time they use their card online

How does VBV work?

When making a purchase, after a customer enters their credit card details on a site that uses VBV, they will see a VBV message with pop up. Here is how the pop up would show;


Image courtesy of Visa

The customer will then verify their identity by inserting a password or a code that was sent to their cell phone or email.