NetOne Announces New Tarrifs For Out Of Bundle Browsing And USSD Sessions

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POTRAZ announced some reductions to the thresholds for Out Of Bundle browsing and USSD per session costs a few weeks ago. Both tarrifs were reduced from 12.5c to 5c excluding all taxes.

NetOne has now announced the new tarrifs inclusive of tax:

NetOne TarrifsUSD New Tarrif exc taxesUSD New Tarrif inc taxes
Data (Out of bundle) per MB0.050.06
USSD Per Session0.050.06

NetOne users have reason to be happy…

Econet is the only network that offers their subscribers an option to enable or disable out of bundle browsing. When out-of-bundle browsing is disabled subscribers cannot access any internet services unless they have purchased a data bundle and this is vital because it ensures that you can rest easy knowing that airtime you have in your phone for calls will not be consumed on internet services.

For NetOne and Telecel users the 60% slash in costs for out of bundle browsing will be significant because both MNOs do not offer any way of disabling out-of-bundle browsing. So, yes even though a chance remains that your airtime will be consumed by internet services this will now happen at a slower rate. This won’t solve the issue of your data being chowed but it will certainly slow the rate at which the data is consumed.

USSD per session

You’re probably wondering what USSD per session is or how it actually works. Well, when you access your banking services via USSD there is a fee that your bank is charged to access the networks USSD. The banks pass this fee on to customers and this is the 0.06c you will now be paying as NetOne subscribers.


  1. Taps

    Is it my fone or thats the reality each time i check balance on my Econet line its not using USSD now sending an sms

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Just tried it and you are right. I wonder why…

      1. Anonymous

        it is free to generate SMS on an MNo’s network so free 6 cents (x millions of transactions per day) from other providers using Econet USSD platform