Local Developers Make Self-Valuation App To Help You Meet Your Goals

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One of our biggest weaknesses is following through with targets we set for ourselves. We are constantly setting lofty goals, and at times even plotting the path to victory. For whatever reason however sometimes we just don’t take the necessary steps to reach these goals.

Evaluate My Future (EMF) is a self-valuation and motivational app that aims to solve this mess. The application allows you to set goals and track their progress with the goals you set for yourself.

When you enter the application, you’re greeted by a landing page that contains two options; Goals and Tasks. The Goals tab can be clicked but unfortunately Tasks isn’t accessible. It seems this will be fixed at a later time with an update. Users add goals and these goals are tracked over a number of specified days. So let’s say your goal is to go the gym three times a week

I think the application offers users a way to stay honest with themselves.

Progress tracker…

There’s a progress section that records how well you are actually meeting the goals you set for yourself. There’s an outline of your monthly goals and also a monthly success rate. At the time of writing I hadn’t met any of my goals so my indicators were at a solid 0%. The progress tracker is a great way of guilt tripping you into action if you are not meeting your goals. Of course, a user could always ignore these progress trackers but the fact that you are being made conscious of your inaction is a good way to spur action.

Motivational side of things…

There’s a motivational section within the application and this is the simplest part of the application. Every day there is a quote sent to users in order to keep you motivated. Today my motivational quote was:

You can’t succeed coming to the potluck with only a fork.

Not sure what a potluck is but I’m certain that quote is about adequate planning. Anyway back to business.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite…

Are there any things I would change with this app? The size of the application could make some people think twice before installing the application as it will require 23Mb of data to download and then goes on to take up 32Mb.

This might not be a problem if you have a premium device with loads of storage this could be a slight irritation and what I’ve noticed is people only clear space on their phones when they need to install a must have application. Will this be the case with EMF? I’m not entirely convinced yet.

Another thing which slightly irritated me was the fact that the goal counter in the dashboard was still at zero even though I had added a goal. The goal counter only updated after  I added a fourth goal.


I noticed one more bug during my testing. When you set a goal there’s a start and end date for your goal. Though I selected today as my start date, the application still had 1 January as the date. This doesn’t apply to goals created specifically in the goals menu so it’s very avoidable.

Fortunately, all these problems can be solved by a simple update so I hope this won’t be the permanent state of the application. There’s also a possibility that we won’t face the same problems so if you are interested in getting the application you should still get it and test it out on your device.

* Your mileage may vary. We tested the application on two different phones and got pretty much the same problems.

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  1. Geek Broz

    Great apk, downloaded

  2. Zim Dev

    May all the real Zimbabwean Developers please wake up – a task list app making it to the tech news front page???.