Is MyCash Any Good?

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If like me you have seen MyCash somewhere but have not bothered much about it thinking.. “They probably don’t have cash anyway and I certainly do not need another debit card’’. But in this day and age it does not hurt to investigate, you may save yourself a significant amount of money.

Here’s what’s great about MyCash

Send money from MyCash to MyCash moble transfer for 25c

Swipe in any TM Pick ‘n’ Pay Store free of charge

Send money to any bank for a flat fee of $1

Swipe using any Zimswitch point of sale (normal charges apply)

Get cash back when you make purchases in a supermarket like a normal debit card

Can I send from Ecocash to MyCash and from MyCash to Ecocash

Ecocash is not yet on the MyCash platform but Telecash is however you can send money from Ecocash to MyCash by sending first to the merchant code 92207  and sending the confirmation message to 0771388826 via app or text

You can also put money from the MyCash to the Ecocash by swiping into Ecocash using your MyCash card

I’ll have to say it’s a little bit of trouble. Hopefully they will sort that out soon

So is it any good?

It seems to me it is just like a debit card which is cheaper for transfers, charging a flat fee of $1 only for all amounts within the limit of $10 000 a transaction and $25 000 a month.  So you will probably save  if you always do bank transfers or you send money to a lot of people or the same person many times. It’s a real big bonus if you usually do your shopping at TM Pick ‘n’ Pay.

Share your experiences

Are you a MyCash customer? How is it going for you?







  1. Nice

    Been using it for one year and I extremely happy with it…. You totally forgot that you can pay bills with cimas zesa ADSL zol… IIt’ brilliant… Used to 15c for any mycash to mycash. It’s simple easy to use and way cheaper than the alternatives.i put my family and workers on it as well plus diverted the extra salary I get to it…. On another note it was actually Barclays that pushed me towards it. They charge a riddle 5$ for RTGS no ecocash integration and only now receive inbound only zipit….I have all these features and I’m not even paying a monthly fee… Super… Check out the app is really polished.11 out of 10

  2. Shallon

    Such a shallow article? Why leave out so much about the system?
    Buy airtime, pay for Zesa, pay for fuel, and it is one of the easiest ways to start transacting with the zipit platform between any bank, eco cash cannot do that and most banks are a nightmare to get going with on zipit if you have not sorted mobile banking etc. You also get charged no fees at pick and pay regardless of Ammount spent so save on fees in the long run..

  3. Great

    I think you should do a follow up article you’ve missed the point of this card… It gives you instant mobile, zipit and payments banking with just your ID and phone. There’s no monthly fee when other lite accounts are starting to charge… The app is a dream to use. You can buy airtime zesa ADSL even some school fees..I put my family in it so when they need money I just put their phone number and send. The other thing is that problems can be solved over WhatsApp..I mean even my hopeless bank can’t offer me that. And ive only had one issue in close to 2yrs… Thank you mycash… By the way the charges are really good

    1. cold

      I like that it is instant – when i bring friends, its just easy to go to TM/PnP and get them a card with just an ID or drivers license. I also enjoy that they are open till late in the evenings and open on sundays too – not like most of my banks these days..

  4. Scri

    I’ve been using it for over a year now and it has come in handy plenty of times. Especially with the lack of charges for Pick n Pay purchases and even when my usual bank Zb is down or my friends’ banks are offline MyCash has always been much more reliable

  5. Joe White

    ive just opened an account for my ltd company and the setup was easy and quick, I must say seeing a lot of these reviews is making me reconsider, But i will keep my account open and see how it goes.

  6. MIchael


    Really love this site.

    I wonder you might accept guest posts? I am currently working as a freelancer and writing a lot for

    I got several articles about the digitalization of Africa if that might be of interest.

    Kind regards,

    1. Paida Zengeni

      yes we do accept articles which relate to Technology and which our audience mainly from Zimbabwe can relate to. If you do have an article you
      can send however the editors have discretion on what gets to be published