Is Google Going Soft? Here Is What Android And Google’s Applications Will Look Like Going Forward

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

May the real nerdy Techzim readers please stand up! I know there are readers who are very interested in things such as iOS vs Android, which phone has the best specs and the latest and greatest in smartphone technology.

With this specific reader in mind I couldn’t help but salivate when I saw a video that details Google’s new Material Design language going forward. If you’re not entirely sure what Material Design is; it’s just the themes and interface you are presented with when you use Google applications such as YouTube, Gmail or even Android (Google’s OS). Material Design was introduced back in 2014 and since then it has been slightly refined a couple of times.

The newest changes to both Android and Google applications stand out to me as the most different since the introduction of this design language, four years ago. The new design is much more circular and colourful and if you recently upgraded to the new Gmail you’ll know for a fact what I’m speaking about. If you haven’t I would advise you to do so since the switch is not only cosmetic and there are actually some functional features packed in.

Anyway I’m digressing now, you can take a look at the design language that will be spread across Google’s applications (which most of us interact with):

Am I wrong for being hyped up for this softer, vibrant look? What are your thoughts on Google’s new direction; are you feeling it or would you be better served if Google actually stayed loyal to the muted colours of the past?