[Updated] Here’s All There Is To Know About US Dollar Cards That Work Online

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A lot of people have been asking us about means with which they can buy online. This article is for you. For all those who would like to make online payments (yes even buy things online) and those who want to travel but do not want to travel with large sums of money you can use a prepaid Visa card/ Mastercard. Just deposit the foreign currency you want to use and you’re good to go. You can also withdraw the equivalent amount from the bank in any country that supports visa/MasterCard in that country’s currency.  The following banks offer these services: Ecobank, Steward Bank, FBC, NMB, CBZ, Bancabc, Nedbank(Information to follow)

Find below the charges associated with this card and the limits for each of the banks

Cost of purchasing the card$15 minimum amount to open
$4 (actual amount)
POS and Online Purchase1.75% of transaction value with minimum $ 0.50 and a maximum of $50
3% minimum $3.50
1.5% of transaction value with minimum $ 1 and a maximum of $1001.5% + $2.5010c for transactions less than $3% of transaction valueno charge
ATM Cash withdrawal3% minimum $3.503% minimum $3.502% + $3.00:
Branch Cash Withdrawal 2% +$3.50
1.25%3% of transaction$2.50
Cash Withdrawal Local1 00010050No WithdrawalLocal Daily Limit
Cash Withdrawal International1 0001001 0005020050
Online Limit2 500 2 0005 0002 0001 0002 000
POS/Swipe 2 0002 0005 0002 0001 0002 000
Do you need to bank with them?No but you need copy of i.d, 2 passport photos, proof or residence, payslipNo just need your i.dYes. You also need to have used your account for 3 months and it has to be approved.No. Just need your i.dYesNo but you need copy of i.d, 2 passport photos, proof or residence, payslip

It works great if you want to deal with small amounts because as you can see above you cannot withdraw much, swipe is better yes. And monthly limits can be as low as $3 000 (Ecobank). For Steward Bank it is $10 000.

For most of the banks you can request the statement of all transactions carried out online.

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  1. emarss

    Thanks for the post. I was in desperate need of this info.

  2. William Chui

    Recently assisted someone with opening an FBC card, cost $5. Have they increased by that much?!?!

    Also, during the same process of assisting that person, when I checked with NMB, they stated that their card costed $40, have they reduced by that much?

    Further, Barclays have a card, so do CABS, as well as CBZ. They all need you to bank with them, but seeing you mentioned NMB (that needs you to open an account with them) why choose to leave out the others?

    1. Paida Zengeni

      Thank you will check and update

  3. Flawed

    Please update and include the bancabc card.. Works well and sign-up is 10. No account needed

  4. Nice

    If you want easy sign up try the bancabc one… They don’t need to much info… Highly recommended…at William what’s the update on golix

    1. Brian


  5. K Capital

    which of these allow for a personalized card. l have an FBC card but its not personalized which is a problem when l want to open certain accounts online.

    1. Brian


    2. Paida Zengeni

      Hey cbz said they do so perhaps you can just check with them

  6. Allaz

    With Ecobank you need to prefund the card with $100 minimum deposit at a tame, last time a checked. I think you need to add that to your comparison and find out if the others have similar requirements. I know Steward doesn’t, having used both. Also, the ability to check balances and transaction history online: Ecobank has that while Steward does not. Ecobank also sends an SMS alert after each transaction. Steward only sends an e-mail. Go back and COMPLETE YOUR ASSIGNMENT – MAPAKURA MBODZA!

  7. Allaz

    …and how about document requirements when applying for a card? Those differ VASTLY between the different Banks. This is vital information for those who are trying to pick one – FBC for example nowadays wants a payslip or proof of funds and proof of residence while Steward is happy with just your ID and you $10.

  8. Anonymous

    nedbank also has one. u dont need to be a customer. transactions fees are 1% and paid in zim dollar when u sign up for the card which is 10. i.e if u put 1000 them u pay 10 in zim dollars for the transaction fee and when u use the card there are no charges as long as u are using the currency on the card. another currency u are charged conversion fees

  9. Anonymous

    Ecobank requires minimum of $50 recharge when purchasing the prepaid card. $5 will go towards the purchase of the card with the remaining $45 being available for your use.

  10. Sdudla

    Not directly related to the post but I was wondering whether it is possible to use a credit/debit card from another country to do local/online transactions in Zimbabwe. I remember there being issues with that a while back.

  11. Anonymous

    What is the cost for pos and online purchase for amounts above $1 on ecobank

  12. Capitalistic Servant

    Thank you for this important information particularly the comparison element, I use one of the stated banks but had not had a chance to compare costs and other product features

  13. Llodza

    I use FBC Prepaid Mastercard. I then found out that there’s an app for it which shows the transactions. It seems as if I cannot get sms updates for deposits but when I check the balance from ATMs it sends the sms balance alert to my SA number.
    I am impressed with it. I just wish they allow for us to personalise the card.