Election Results And Amateur Commentary/Discussion Via WhatsApp

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Robert Mugabe casting his vote in the Zimbabwean Election 2018

So a number of members of Techzim’s WhatsApp Community groups kept asking for links to Pindula News Groups where they could get the election results. We then thought maybe there are a number of Techzim readers who are looking for such WhatsApp groups. If that’s you, just click the link(s) below or copy the link(s) and then paste into your internet browser.

Maybe you have a relative who’s internet is WhatsApp and nothing else then do them some kindness and WhatsApp the link(s)

If you just want to receive news from Pindula News and no discussion

If you just want news as it comes in but don’t want to interact with anyone then the group to follow is this one:


Please note, this group is muted and only admins can send messages which will be news stories.

If you want the discussion

For discussion groups please follow the link below:


Please note that these groups are quite vibrant and active. We are strict though on clean content and anyone who violates rules such as being respectful of others’ opinions gets kicked out immediately.

We will keep the links above current. As groups get full, we create new ones and add the fresh links.



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