DStv Now’s Use Surges In June, 5 Times More Than Usual

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

The use of DStv Now skyrocketed 5 times higher (5x) than June 2017. DSTV Now is a value-added service to DStv subscribers that allows them to watch their DStv subscription on the go.

This 5x jump is attributed to the recently ended World Cup. Multichoice said that since the beginning of the tournament, on the 14th of July, average weekday usage for DStv has now reached 60%. This shows that its customers now have a strong affinity towards live streaming major sports events like the World Cup on its DStv Now app.

DStv ’s story is mutual with Econet’s as it also witnessed a surge in the use of its on-the-go service, Kwese-iflix. Kwese-iflix’s (another on-the-go app which offers on-the-go services) surge can be ascribed to the fact that it live-streamed many World Cup matches for free. Yes, free, one only had to buy data to watch the World Cup.

Suppose DStv Now live-streamed some World Cup matches for free as much as Kwese-iflix did, surely its use (DStv Now) would have been used way more than the recorded increase (5x) simply because DStv boasts way more users than Kwese-iflix

Live streaming is one of the emerging and lucrative trends in online entertainment which Pay Tv companies are trying to capture and nurture. Whilst the market will inevitably grow, two stumbling blocks Pay TV companies have in realizing the growth are, the speed of the internet and the cost of data.

For live streaming to be enjoyable, both DStv Now and Kwese-iflix would need to be used with high broadband speed. But the broadband speed in Zimbabwe, in particular, is not yet good enough for customers to be able to enjoy live streaming. Glitches are still there, and they suck.

And when it comes to the cost of data itself, many people don’t even entertain the idea of using these on-the-go platforms because the amount of money they have to fork out for data (to use on-the-go services) is just exorbitant. Therefore a lot of people are still reluctant to use on-the-go services.


  1. BaNyasha

    I believe that now even Basic Dstv subscription will give you access to Dstv Now. And personally 8 have noticed that for slower speeds, iflix would still perform better than Dstv.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      As a matter of fact I have noticed the opposite. I have been planning on writing an extensive review of the two services; time permitting this should be soon. I especially hate the fact that iflix does not allow me to choose the streaming quality. Also for no reason at all the App habitually fails when accessed via WiFi and yet works using LTE. That’s very suspicious to me.
      iFlix has one big advantage in that it does not care whether a device is certified or not which means it will work on just about any TV Box. DSTV meanwhile demands certification or you get stuck with an error. Both do not seem to allow casting which is annoying given DSTV certification requirement. Both are about 20 secs behind. Since I have Compact Plus I can also get Shomax for like $5 bucks a dollar more than iFlix (more in USD terms) but I get more palatable selection of content. Both have their advantages mainly you can use Ecocash plus the shameless double data offer from Econet.

      You are right though DSTV Now works with Compact Plus and Compact as well in my experience.

      1. Alvine Chaparadza

        @Garikai, Im impatiently waiting for that ‘review’

    2. Alvine Chaparadza

      sorry for that mistake. Thanks BaNyasha, its true that it now works with basic subscrptions.

  2. DryMOUtH (@GWshiri_)

    Iflx has poor content. African movies and absolutely not even one good show except britania. These companies should have just partnered with netflx. Its like seeing telecel creating their own facebook hazvshnde

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      You have to bite your lower lip before you can get through iFlix content except Britannia and Mad Men both of which I watched a while ago. There was also the World Cup and nothing else. There is nothing for my kids like nothing except Dora who switches to Spanish as a matter of segue on a regular basis.

  3. $$$

    I think the DStv now app is heavy on data… Half an hour is close to hair a gig… Haven’t used iflix… Would like to know the comparison… This was in to to 520p

  4. $$$

    Half an hour to half a gig… Streamed superbly on netone 4g by the way…$3 for a gig daily bundle… Data really hurts in this place…. Puts the DStv packages into perspective