Coders And Aspiring Coders, Here Are 12 Development Courses To Get You Started On Skillshare

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Skillshare is an e-learning website like Udemy that allows you to enrol in short courses for a single monthly payment of just $10 a month. Unlike Udemy this is a subscription based payment, once you pay the $10/month you can go crazy and feast on the buffet of available courses. Even greater news, the first two months are free so you can start learning at zero cost to yourself and cancel your subscription anytime at no cost to yourself.

Who is Skillshare for?

If you have been trying to master a programming language such as Python or JavaScript using free resources and textbooks and finding the going tough then you will find Skillshare  to be a God send. Unlike with free resources where you have to wade through so much k*k, advice from coders of questionable expertise and outdated content Skillshare has curated courses on a lot of programming languages which is mostly kept up to date.

College, high school and university students who are learning a language in class will also find the techniques shared in various courses on different languages useful. Your in class learning will be made much easier as you can access various courses on the same language. Multiple explanations on JSON are better than just the one from your lecturer/teacher.

In any case if you get sick of learning development courses you can take a break and learn how to bake or make ice cream at no extra cost. You pay the $10/month once and get access to the whole lot and did I mention the first two months are free.

Recommended courses

If you haven’t yet created an account please follow these steps:

Once you have created your account you can search and enrol in courses of your choosing. I would recommend the following courses:

There you go, 12 handpicked courses to get you started. To be honest there are a lot of not so great courses on Skillshare and you will do well to avoid them. One key metric to look at is the number of hours in the course. Usually the longer the course the better after all it is very unlikely a 30 minute course would be very helpful to you if you are learning a new language. Another thing to look out for is the number of students who have enrolled in a course again more is better.

Making payment

Although you will get the first two months free you will be asked to enter your Visa/MasterCard details during the sign up process. Don’t worry no money will be deducted from your account in the first two months. This is more of a verification process, billing will start after the two free months are up.



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  2. taraz

    The major hurdle that needs to be jumped is on the requirement for visa details

  3. Nice

    Just get a pay as you go visa card FBC banc abc

  4. abson naison

    how good r skillsshare courses…do they offer videos

  5. Garikai Dzoma

    Indeed the courses are entirely video courses.

  6. Anonymous

    Wont accept prepaid cards. I wanted to ask how people are bypassing this ?

  7. Anonymous

    Instead of learning Android O, Java and Swift i would basically go for ionic 3 +, Angular JS 3+, framework7 and Jquery to be a contemporary mobile developer.