A Local Survey Platform Is Rewarding Participants For Simply Answering Questions

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On Facebook you may have come across an advert by a page called Questia Zimbabwe – Winning Opinions. Most probably you have never really paid any attention to it. This was probably a wrong turn on your part. You may have just overlooked some cool prizes if you chose not to pay any attention to Questia.

In their own words Questia Zim is:

…an online community where members can share opinions and influence change in the world. Earn points with surveys made just for you and redeem them for gifts. You can access the active surveys in your account or via an invitation sent to your email inbox. Your answers to the surveys are kept confidential!

Ok so you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you, the person taking the survey? Well on top of the surveys being used in order to inform product development since this is very much a market research kind of thing you can also win a variety of prizes which make this worth a shot.

“What kind of prizes?”

Every month there is a raffle hosted by Questia and participants stand a chance of winning prizes which include:

  • 10 participants win $10 airtime
  • 1 participant wins a $100 OK shopping voucher

If you are constantly on the losing end you will also eventually get a chance of turning the points you get for participating into a $20 OK shopping voucher.

Overall the prizes on offer are not what I would describe as amazing but on the other hand you are not doing much so I really don’t think there’s much to complain about. I also think this is a thing that might get more enticing as more users join and the platform becomes a more valuable source of information for researchers. I could be entirely wrong about that part but that’s just my two cents. I already signed up and I think you should too.

Another cool platform if you’re a survey-junk (I made that up) include Voices of Zimbabwe which a colleague of mine wrote a raving review of a few months back. There are no prizes to be won on Voices of Zimbabwe but it’s still a cool initiative.

If you are interested in this kind of thing you can sign up for Questia Zimbabwe here.


  1. Saphle

    How safe is our info that we share here, given the environment we live in? In your own assessment

  2. Tinashe Chimwariro

    Super cool.