Zanu-PF Vs MDC Alliance: Here Are Their Plans For ICT

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Forgive us for seeming like we are going political but politics ultimately affect everyone including us. Whoever is going to rule Zimbabwe after elections will implement policies that will affect technology, finance, media etc

Zimbabwe’s two main political parties have released their manifestos, setting out what they would do if elected into government on July 30. So, What do Zanu-PF and MDC Alliance have to say about ICT? We have plucked out their ICT plans verbatim (and we didn’t even add a single word or letter). Here are their ICT plans;


  • Liberalizing the airwaves,
  •  expanding mobile networks
  •  Adopting modern technologies.
  •  Upgrading and expansion of backbone and core networks, towers, base stations,
  • Establish more information centers,
  • Establish a new International Gateway, connecting all government ministries, on Optic Fibres
  • Networking of central hospitals

MDC Alliance

  • Universal access to broadband and Wi-Fi service
  • Cloud computing services.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Block Chain technology
  • 3D printing
  • Internet of things.
  • Nano Technology

The MDC Alliance will ensure that the following services are available:

  • Online visa applications;
  • Online passport application;
  • Online voter registration;
  • Online access to ID cards, births and death registration certificates

The MDC Alliance government will implement an ICT policy anchored on the following:

  • Creation of an enabling environment for the growth of the ICT industry in the country;
  • Facilitating the introduction of nationwide free access to broadband services with special emphasis on rural areas, as well as high level training in ICT at tertiary institutions;
  • Creation of a single regulatory body for the ICT sector;
  • Creation of a new legal framework covering all the converged ICTs;
  • Ensure reduced costs of service delivery by promoting competition among service providers;
  • Expansion of the range of e-applications that are available, particularly in government, health, education, accounting, engineering and financial services.

The MDC Alliance government will promote the integration and use Block Technology in the following areas:

  • Finance and Banking.
  • Identity Management
  • iii. Asset registration.
  • Crypto Assets
  • Revenue Collection



  1. k chikata

    wow clearly laid out for all to see what will work..

  2. Anonymous

    Waaaaaal. MDC’s policies will turn this economy around in a matter of less than one presidential term

  3. Chikoyo

    MDC reminds me of a child saying when I grow up I will drill boreholes on the moon. Its easy to say what you want. I will draw up a list of what they’ve promised and I guarantee they will disappoint more than Zanu. Remember the Big Bullet Train promise…

    1. Tapps

      If your dream does not scare you then something must be wrong with you. I believe in someone who dreams big and when they fail, they will fail up there not on the ground

    2. Anonymous

      At least they are aiming when their plan fails at least they might have tried accomplishing something unlike setting yr standard low and not being able to meet them

    3. Sagitarr

      All modern inventions start as dreams and the innovators have been prosecuted in some of the cases. It must be a very dull life if you don’t dream – what do you do all night?

  4. The Economist

    Well you definitely did take sides in the politics.

    I don’t understand how techzim forgets to mention

    that cloud computing was unveiled in Zimbabwe already in 2012. Nigel chanakira knows ask him.

    Universal access to broadband is part of the UN SDGs so countries are always going to invest in that wether its in the manifesto or not.

    Block technology. Means MDC has to fight the reserve bank which is an independent institution from politics under the law. Mangudya has a valid reason for stopping that. If their goal is to crush the economy they should go ahead.

    Go to UZ and HIT and NUST they will teach you nano technology. It’s already here.

    3D printing? Really that’s so cool lol . Should i direct you where they are teaching 3D printing in zim? You guys actually covered an article with that a couple of years back. What’s interesting you now.?

    Zanu however put nothing on the a few reforms on the ICT part. Which is terrible. But those few you must have missed i guess. But the root you guys taking will affect your credibility. Journalism is a political. Stick to the basics. You been doing so well. What’s wrong now.

    1. Anonymous

      kkkkkkk its pathetic that Zanu doesn’t recognize that tech is the next revhorisheni as some would say.

      1. Masaai

        Economist surely your as backward as Zanu, Blockchain does not only mean Bitcoin, bitcoin is just one use case of blockchain

        1. Matigari

          You cannot authorise block tech without authorising bit coin. Which world are you living. Just recently there is a bit coin co ya looser crazy money

    2. Zimbo

      100% blockchain is actually bigger than bitcoin muka iwe mhani

    3. Frustrated Techie

      Wow! The Economist just came out swinging without checking his facts!

      Cloud computing? Nigel Chanakira? to my knowledge, Liquidtelecom is the first in Zimbabwe to actually implement could computing. There is no govt institution in Zim right now that is using any sort of cloud computing. If you want to understand what could computing IS, read about Amazon Web Services and Micorosft Azure before you start making statements.

      Universal access to broadband? UN SDGs? Who has been in power for the last 38 yrs? What have they achieved so far? Govt has been outpaced and overtaken by private entities such as Teleaccess and Liquidtelecom in laying more fibre optic cable in Zimbabwe that any other African country.

      Block chain technology is not Bit-coin. Block chain technology is a ledger based transaction processing system which ensures the integrity of transactions through encryption. This means that if you are to send someone money from your phone and someone at the bank intercepts it and tampers with it the transaction will be null and void and the whole network is aware of the transaction. Please check your facts.

      Nano technology at UZ, HIT and NUST, you’re probably talking about the theory being taught in these institutions right? This applies more to the bio-medical and bio-technology fields, universities are supposed to be testing and creating these materials and bringing them to industry. none of that is happening in Zimbabwe.

      3D printing? The Economist you really need to keep you comments subjective. This does not mean that you have bought a 3D printer from another country and start using it privately. We need to be able to build our own 3D printers, be they metal based or composit material based. The applications of 3D printing to Zimbabwe will be life changing addressing everything from creating artifical limbs for the disabled to prototyping machinery that could applied anywhere mining, transport, medicine(imaging) and so much more. There is ZERO application of 3D printing in Zimbabwe. So please again check your facts!

      1. Sagitarr

        In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.
        There are a number of companies that have been using cloud computing before Liquid Telecom, using the definition above.

        1. Frustrated Techie

          Sagitarr, we’re talking about implementing Cloud Solutions or platforms not using them here. I’ve been using Amazon Web Services since they launched that does mean I introduced them. Liquidtelecom is the first company in Zimbabwe to implement cloud services which can be used by the general public, i.e. pay a monthly or annual fee and you get a server in the cloud with a specific set of specifications i.e. RAM, hard drive space and bandwith providing with vpn access to that server and dashboards to monitor the performance, security and resources of your server.

    4. CryptoExpert

      @The Economist I dont see the part they took sides. ZanuPf seems they have no idea what they are planning. Its like someone saying I wanna archieve things in life, what exactly do you want to achieve is the question. Well MDC laid out specifically what they want to achieve. How can one follow up on a goal like adopting modern technologies? Which modern technologies. Concerning the blockchain, if MDC wins Mangudya goes coz Governor of RBZ is elected by President. So Governors policy should be inline with the new government. Techzim didnt take sides here.

  5. Nano

    Nanotechnology is not ICT those are two different things they should never be confused or mixed up.

  6. Sagitarr

    “Alongside nano-, bio and information technology, the cognitive sciences have emerged as a crucial fourth element of the convergence process. Consequently, it will become less and less possible to assign future products and above all their production processes to any specific discipline.”
    Extracted from “Technology Guide – Principles, Applications, Trends”
    ISBN 978-3-540-88545-0 e-ISBN 978-3-540-88547-4

  7. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Pamberi neMDC-Alliance, pasi nemaEDiotic Scarfists

  8. BaNyasha

    Wow. So Zanu is promising that little and MDC that much? Good to know. But Techzim you have already gone political.

  9. MacdChip

    Relax boys and girls! They are all saying the same thing bt at different levels of depth.

    Mdc is talking about broad and wifi access for everyone

    Zanu is talking about increase the capacity for national backbone.

    If you are not aware of how networks work, then you will quick to jump and say Mdc is the real deal, but in actual fact, its the just different use od terminology.

    Untill all of them get to implementation, they are promising the same thing.

    1. Cde. Rekai

      Correct. Point three on Zanu manifesto says adopt modern technology, thats encompasses all. I however am more intrested in the how not the what they will do, perhaps if they elaborate more on each point and how it will be used, i will be able to pick a winner.

    2. Tonderai

      That’s my view as well MacdChip. ZANU-PF is looking at the infrastructure foundation level while MDCA is looking at the application end.

  10. Frustrated Techie

    But guys why are you saying ZANU PF is saying this and that while MDC is saying this. Has MDC been in power before? (And I mean complete power) Who has been running this country for almost 40 years? You can’t honestly be considering to give a group of people who have failed to deliver for that long the benefit of the doubt. And to to add they are all aged and out of touch with technology, what more can they offer that they haven’t in the last 40 yrs?

    Shame on you for even putting Zanu PF’s and MDC’s manifestos side by side and even considering that ZANU will set you free in terms of ICT, they have no interest in developing the sector but just to MILK the average Zimbabwean to go and buy cars and party regalia!