You Can Still Get Udemy Courses For $11 Or Using Ecocash

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A lot of people apparently took advantage of the $9.99 Udemy offer from last week but if you were for some reason unable there is no need to despair: You can still enrol into a Udemy course of your choosing for $10.99 or Ecocash $15 (see below for details).

What the heck is Udemy?

A lot of people know what Udemy is but it appears some people don’t. Udemy is an online course platform that allows instructors/gurus to upload short courses on specific topics such as Photography, Computer programming languages, Finance courses etc.

The platform then allows students to enroll into these courses and ultimately earn a certificate of completion. Students have to complete tasks, quizzes, watch videos and do projects in order for them to complete the courses. If a student does this right they will have mastered the skill set out in the course e.g. became proficient in JavaScript programming or be able to use Angular in their projects.

Some of the features of Udemy include:

  • Pay once and get lifetime access to the course
  • Self paced learning
  • Video tutorials with examples and demonstrations
  • Certificate of completion usually in PDF format before you scoff here is a fun fact ACCA gives you a PDF Diploma certificate nowadays for the Knowledge level
  • You get free future updates to the course which is great for technologies such as Laravel that get yearly updates

It’s not just foreign course instructors

Because of its global nature it’s easy to see why most of the instructors on Udemy are not Zimbabweans. This week I had the pleasure to talk with one of the guys who just uploaded his course on Udemy. Happy Zhou’s course Learn Forex Trading In Two Weeks​ is based on his learning, work and life experiences. God knows us Zimbabweans have unparalleled knowledge when it comes to trading Forex. If you want to soup up your knowledge you may want to check out this course.

More recommended course

Like always you are free to go to Udemy and enrol into a course of your own choosing but you should definitely check out the following courses:

The Ecocash Offer

I have a little bit of funds left over from the first promotion so if you want to pay using Ecocash:

  • Get in touch with me via WhatsApp 0772 473 953 or email garikaib which is my Gmail handle
  • Tell me the course that you want (name and instructor) or send me a link to the course
  • Once I give you the go ahead send $15 to the above number and send me your Udemy email/ If you want to use ZIPIT I will give you my account number
  • I will pay and “gift” you the course

If you have a MasterCard/Visa that can make international payments you can go ahead and take advantage of the promotion on your own


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