The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (May 2018)

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Every month we publish statistics showing how different news publications are doing in terms of viewership and their social media following. We are back with the numbers from the month of May. We are a bit late with this one but that’s primarily the fault of Similarweb (yes, I’m playing the blame game) -who produced the stats a bit later than usual.

Anyway, let’s take a look at how the top online publications in Zim performed last month:

Rank (previous rank)Publication/PlatformTotal Visits/MonthFacebookTwitterPages/Visit (Last Month)
1 (1) 733 2603596754.28
2 (2) 265 8892240103.47
3 (4) zimeye.net1.16M236 441277723.98
4 (3) Bulawayo24.com1.08M109 985483664.84
5(6) 61 73979013.62
6 (5) newzimbabwe.com775.94K89 59048153.11
7 (8) 8631970453.76
8 (7)nehandaradio.com619.93K434 8851234772.55
9 (9) iHarare.com553.11K 143 02069344.09
10 (10) 428491903.52
11 (12)
16 36046741.90
12 (13) 644469473.62
13 (11) 170384314.57
14 (15) zimbabwesituation.com257.93K
104 503130572.77
15 (17) 495 992202.49
16 (14) 7041059191.50
17 (18) 979110061.90
18 (16) 932518734.39
19 (N/A) 27 219362731.97
20 (N/A)zimbabwe-today.com78.56KN/A30551.33
21 (20) thezimbabwean.co77.32K41 04491381.55
24 (25)pazimbabwe.com61.02K9 408611.93
23 (20)263chat.com50.37K100 685313496N/A
21zimbojam.comN/A56 065104278N/A 98521004N/A 2848273N/A
24techunzipped.comN/A23 1612813N/A,456 1416N/A 024 4192N/A
28thefootballcult.comN/A9 398 575N/A
273-mob.comN/A8 876 14934N/A 770 1621 N/A

New Entries

This month we added two new publications; FinGaz (Financial Gazzete) along with Zimbuzz. FinGaz made itself at home entering at number 19. You’ll probably be wondering why it’s that low but the site covers a specific area so people rarely go there looking for news around things such as sports or entertainment. Zimbuzz on the other hand had no statistics to speak of on Similarweb so it’s hard to make any kind of comment on them. They do have a decent Facebook following.


Four of the top five news publications saw a growth in visits. This can probably be attributed to the elections that are edging closer.

The popular soccer site, Soccer24 saw a growth of almost 40%. This can probably be chalked up to two things. Firstly, the UEFA Champions League Final that took place in May and the World Cup which began last week was fast approaching. These are just guesses on my part and I’m not sure what else could have been behind that growth.

263Chat and PaZimbabwe are not new to the list but for the first time since we started compiling this list back in March, their stats are available on Similarweb.


The statistics provided by similarweb (i.e. Monthly Visits and Pages/Visit ) are only estimates that can help inform readers that may want to advertise on these platforms but these are not the exact stats and if there are any errors for these stats it’s not on us. The statistics that we compile ourselves are in relation to Twitter followers and Facebook likes and if there is an error there, well, that’s on us.

[For the sites that have N/A under Total Visits and Pages/Visit, could not produce the required statistics. We proceeded to rank these using their popularity on Facebook. We chose FB over Twitter because it is used more widely in Zimbabwe and for most if not all sites on this list, their Facebook following is far larger than the corresponding Twitter fan base.]


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