[Press Release] Seedstars World Pitching Competition For Startups Kicks Off On The 29th Of June

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10 startups will be pitted against each other on the 29th of June, with an eye to secure funding and other prizes.

The Seedstars World Tour 2018 has begun and the next step on their tour is in Harare. Of the ten startups, only one will get a chance to compete in Switzerland at the Seedstars World Summit.

You can read some excerpts from the press release sent out by Seedstars below:

On 29th June 2018, up to 10 of Zimbabwe’s best seed-stage startups will compete to represent the country at the Seedstars Summit and win up to USD 1 million in equity investments and other prizes. Besides selecting the best startup in Zimbabwe, the event will stress out civic tech solutions and players.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 12th June 2018Seedstars World, the largest startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes is coming to Zimbabwe for the third time. With the support of the local host, Impact Hub Harare, Seedstars will be holding a dynamic pitch event on 29th of June, from 4 – 9 pm.

The companies selected to pitch at the Seedstars Harare event need to be less than 2 years old, have raised less than USD 500,000 in funding and built a minimum viable product, ideally with existing traction. The Seedstars team is searching for one additional criterion: the startup’s regional and global scalability. With a strong network of international partners, such as Merck, SPECo, Enel or Continental (amongst others) the competition organizers are looking for smart startups that tackle regional issues and develop profitable and sustainable products for the global market.

This year, Seedstars is also putting extra emphasis on Civic Technology, a topic that has been gaining more interest over the past years from investors including Omidyar Network, which has been funding civic tech organisations around the world for over a decade. Civic tech, meaning “any use of technology to empower citizens or make government more accessible and effective”, has the potential to answer many of the African continent’s challenges. Although the competition is open to startups from all industries, Seedstars will organise a separate civic technology workshop and panel with local and international speakers to highlight and discuss some of the key trends in the civic technology space.

Applications are open until June 19th 2018 and startups are invited to apply at https://seedsta.rs/2jlWAro After a careful screening, the Seedstars team will shortlist 10 of the best seed-stage startups to pitch on June 29th 2018 for the opportunity to compete at the Seedstars Summit, that annually takes place in Switzerland.

In order to provide local entrepreneurs with this opportunity, and aiming to deliver the best possible event, Seedstars is closely working with Impact Hub Harare, who is representing the initiative this year. “We are excited to have Seedstars World Africa tour in Harare for the third time. It has always been an exciting event for the local ecosystem and we are looking forward to see what our local talents have to bring to the table. This is a unique opportunity for upcoming businesses to be equipped with the necessary tools to scale their businesses and enable them to compete in the global market” explains Tadzoka Pswarayi, Co- Founder at Impact Hub Harare.

It’s Seedstars’ goal to place the spotlight on entrepreneurs from emerging markets especially targeting solutions that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals. With that in mind, Seedstars World is travelling to more than 65 countries to identify the most innovative seed-stage startups, awarding them the opportunity to win up to USD 1 million and network with investors and mentors from around the world at the global Seedstars Summit in Switzerland. Its previous participants have raised over USD 92M collectively, providing employment to more than 2.100 employees worldwide.

The 10 startups selected will give a five minute pitch in English, in front of a jury made up of local startup heavyweights. Members of the public and press are welcome to come join the fun and should register on the above Seedstars Harare website as well!

If you’re interested in signing up for the Seedstars World Pitching Competition follow this link