Passing Mathematics Just Got Easier For Students With This New Platform: Mathematica

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Mathematics mathematics mathematics!!! We are always told how critical it is to pass mathematics in high school. In Zimbabwe particularly, failure to pass it could make life difficult for one to get a job (to some extent) or get a place at a higher tertiary education institution (to a greater extent).

Zimbabwe has bragging rights when it comes to literacy. We are one of the topmost ranked countries in the world when it comes to literacy rates. But when it comes to mathematics, a good number of Zimbabwean really suck. Year-on-year many Zimbabwean’s reseat to write mathematics. Some people even reseat as much as 3 times just to pass mathematics. 

But don’t worry Mathematica has got your back

Mathematica Smart Learning (Mathematica) is a registered Educational technology (Edu-Tech)  start-up which seeks to solve all O and A level related numerical problems through digital technologies. Mathematica was born out of the idea to help students to easily understand difficult concepts and make studying mathematics enjoyable, so to speak.

Mathematica seeks to address the need to understand mathematics by providing students with important information on tools that they are familiar with on a daily basis that is, the mobile phone and the computer

Why is passing mathematics so hard for many Zimbabweans?

According to Mathematica;

The main challenge with O-Level Maths is that the syllabus is very long which is done over two years starting from Form 3 up to Form 4. This means that for the student to pass they should be able to process and understand two years information for them to be able to pass their final examination. The main challenge students face with the subject is that it requires one to know all the concepts as the questions that are asked in the final examination need the student to think outside the box. Most students fail because of the attitude they have towards the subject which is usually negative. The “Maths is hard” mentality is usually the downfall of many as it results in them not investing time in understanding the subject as they feel defeated before they even write the subject. The other reason why students fail is that their rate of understanding as compared to other students may be slower than the others. In a class of 40 students the teacher might not have the time to cater for the needs of all students hence the slow learners might then not be able to understand the subject better.

What does Mathematica do

Mathematica Smart Learning offers up to date syllabuses, short concepts, question papers and detailed-answered past papers from 2000 up to date (over 120 past exam papers) . “The benefits of the Mathematics is the in-depth answering of the questions using a step by step process on how the student should think when faced with a familiar question in an examination”. 

Where can I get Mathematica?

Mathematica Smart Learning is available on 3 platforms, Android for mobile smartphones, windows version for students using their personal laptops/desktops and windows version for schools using their computer laboratories.

On Android, the application is compatible on Android version 4.02 to the latest version.

For schools who would want to purchase the application on behalf of their students, they can download from our website and install the application in their school computer labs. Students then just log in using the school account to access the information from the application.

Do you pay to use Mathematica?

Since Mathematica is saving you the expense of seating for mathematics for 2 or 3 times, you only need to dish out a meager $2 a month to access its resources.

And how do I pay?

In terms of payment for both the Android and Windows application, the platforms which are acceptable include Ecocash, Telecash, One Money, ZimSwitch, V-Payments and RTGs from all banks. Also, payment is not only limited to the person who seeks to use the application, someone else can pay on behalf of the user using the same payment platform.

Personally, I think this platform can really help students to pass mathematics because teachers hardly give many of the explanations nor teach skills required to answer the questions which are in Mathematica Let alone give hints and tips.


For more information about Mathematica, visit their website


  1. Vimbai

    Wow !!! Awesome app, will definitely give this a try

    1. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

      Thanks Vimbai, hope you enjoying the app!

  2. MacdChip

    This is what l do not understand about these so called start-ups here in Zim. The idea is not knew, even the name sounds sooooo familiar to the extend that l gave up trying to read it the way its writen and reverted back to the familiar Mathletics.

    You then wonder why all these start-ups do survive. Mathletics is far much ahead and you guys have to really pull your socks up 😉

    1. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

      Thanks for the feedback , the idea might not be new but it can be developed to the next level for the benefit of scholars, we believe our app is way better since the questions are now been answered in detail and all other stuff is for free just a click away.

    2. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

      @MacdChip-Why would students in Zimbabwe use a foreign app Mathletics which is not inline with the local syllabus and curriculum. We as Zimbabweans we should develop the Technology that best suits our needs ,don’t you think so?? MathematicA is less than a month old and we will keep improving on both content and technology.

      1. LOL

        Dont get hurt too much by MACDCHIP comments. There’s always that 1 loser in the corner booing others. Well Done for the development. Keep on at it.

        1. Charlene

          Kkkk true that , they will always be people with negative energy , on the ground they can not make something of their own, all they do is criticize not constrictive criticism after all, keep up the great work MathematicA

        2. MacdChip

          #LOL, lm one looser who is enjoying life in IT at the fullest. I know when things are not right, and this is the one of the case

          Also, l dont do cheerleading!!

      2. MacdChip

        Its not a start-up, there is only one meaning for the word startup in IT, and this product is not one them.

        The writer made an error of pitching it as a startup, thats all

      3. Van Lee Chigwada

        McDonald is right.
        Mathematics, like Science is One and not divided by culture, religion or country.
        Math is Math. 1 = 1 everywhere you go.

  3. Van Lee Chigwada

    Well, where to start?
    We have TechZim supporting crime – profiteering from copyright material without permission;
    Or the fact that the App doesn’t work? It keeps saying “Try Again”
    Or should we talk about breaching the Google Play Terms of Service?

    1. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

      Sir Chigwada, FYI , MathematicA Smart Learning is a registered initiative, registered with company registry, Zimra , Zimsec and the MOPSE, hence was given the permission to use the question papers and answer them in a way we believe is more beneficial to the students in Zimbabwe.

      Apologies we were upgrading our server, hence the failure encountered when you tried to install the app, we are glad that we now back online and running, kindly download the app and enjoy

      1. MacdChip

        Registering a company is not a sign that your code is clean!

        Did you develop the code yourself and who inspected for copyright?

        1. Van Lee Chigwada

          I did.
          They are breaching a lot of laws and regulations.
          And TZ is blind to it. or just ignoring.

        2. 50 Cent
      2. Van Lee Chigwada

        eish, these guys even copyied a name.
        this is product development 101, check out names and do your research. These innovators did none.

        oh, you could get sued into oblivion for this

        you probably woń’t cause they’l never of your project. but out of respect, change your name

    2. TechGeek

      Sir hope X-age is not breaching the so called Terms of service and using the copyrighted material from Zimsec kkk

      1. LOL

        Dont get hurt too much by Van Lee Chigwada’s comments. There’s always that 1 loser in the corner booing others. Well Done for the development. Keep on at it.

        1. Van Lee Chigwada

          He he, that Van Lee guy is a loser for sure.
          Always booing others and not doing anything better he he.

      2. Van Lee Chigwada

        Age-X is legal and respects Google’s terms of service.

  4. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

    Thanks for the feedback , the idea might not be new but it can be developed to the next level for the benefit of scholars, we believe our app is way better since the questions are now been answered in detail and all other stuff is for free just a click away.

  5. LOL

    Dont get hurt too much by MACDCHIP comments. There’s always that 1 loser in the corner booing others. Well Done for the development. Keep on at it.

    1. MacdChip

      Musanyeperane muchivukura zvisina basa. This is not a startup and the developer needs to code inspection to make sure there is nothing copyroghted there!

      It will be okay in Zim where its lawless but once you grow big and start to look for other markets, your software will be scrutinised thoroughly and you might attract the attention of big boys

  6. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

    MacdChip who are u to ask for who inspected the copyright? Van Lee at least u doing something tangible with Age X unlike MacdChip, yes Maths is maths it’s a universal language but why not narrowing down the content to suit our local curriculum 💯% .

    We should focus more on giving ideas on how to improve the products we build in Zimbabwe not to use Mathletics from Australia. We have a common goal to simplify lives through locally developed technology.

    Wolfram Mathematica is a software which works out maths and is irrelevant
    to the young students in Zimbabwe, MathematicA are apps which strive to help students answer past papers in detail. Hence too different things altogether.

    The initiative is registered and authorised if u want proof , kindly clarify at what capacity would u be asking for all that paper work.

    1. MacdChip

      Ndakubata panyama nheteka!! Who am, so you ask!! Im MacdChip!!

      You are still confused with registering a company and code copyright!

      What l do and where l do it really is not a problem here. Lets stick to whats being discused.

      I said its not a startup as being said by Techzim, it can be a good software which is new in Zim but definately not unique. Because there is working software like that somewhere, thats why l raised issues of code inspection. You could just have said its 100% yours.

      And trust me, lm really good at what l do, but still open to learn something new.

  7. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

    Ok it’s 100% locally developed by MathematicA Smart Learning. Have a great day, we got loads of coding to do!

    1. MacdChip

      You a lot of code cloning to do, have a good day too!!


    No app for iOS, sucks

  9. $$$

    They have not cloned the iOS app yet… Lol and I think 2$ is too much for this particular app…

  10. Flawed

    By the way there nothing wrong the criticisms they will only help you improve but all zimbos just can’t see it…. They think they E always the best

    1. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

      Very true Flawed , we will pick up constructive criticisms and build from them. Thank you all for your views and contributions they will take us a long way. As I always say Dream Big, Start Small and Start Now! We have started with android , we moved on to Windows and iOS and online portal are in the pipeline. We saw it more wiser to start with Android as our target market can afford an Android phone as compared to iPhones. Have listed down your comments we will go back on the draw board and discuss with the team. We will take it to the next level to address your concerns.

      Thank you Zimbos.

      By the way Van Lee Chigwada am your big fan, I respect Age X, keep up great work, where there is progress, I acknowledge!

  11. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    There has been much critism, but no acknowledgement of the great content the app has. It might not have the greates of UIs or an original name, but a quick browse of the content shows that much work has been put into making students understand mathematics. The jewel here is content

    1. Kudzayi Chibvongodze

      Thanks mate, true the students benefit from the content, not the UIs etc, we tried to make the apps simple and user friendly! Wats more important is the bread not the outside packaging!

      1. Anonymous

        can i pliz have the link for this app so that i can try it