Netone Celebrated Fathers Day By Giving Free Onemoney Debit Cards With $5

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Netone yesterday took time to honor fathers by giving its customers (who happened to be fathers) free OneMoney debit cards as part of their celebration of Fathers day. The OneMoney debit card was launched last year in October to offer convenience to OneMoney users by allowing users to ‘Zip’ from bank accounts into the mobile account (mobile number).

Netone’s icing on the cake

Not only did Netone’s gift to fathers was a free  OneMoney debit card but the debit card came with a no-strings-attached $5. Wow! As good as gets. Not even Econet at its height of giving freebies whilst promoting Ecocash did it give as much as $5. Econet gave $1 for signing up on Ecocash.

What did it take to be given the free  OneMoney debit card?

To begin with you only need to be a man but old enough to be a father. It wasn’t really a clear-cut criterion because I I heard one person was not given the debit card because he was deemed to be not a father as he looked a bit young.

Besides being a father, you needed to have a OneMoney Account and go to a Netone shop with a Netone line. And the satisfaction of those few requirements, one would have been given a free OneMoney debit card with $5.

On a normal day, how can I get OneMoney debit card

On a normal day, one needs to deposit a dollar in their OneMoney account and get the card. In a way, the dollar can be thought of as the price of the debit card. But on fathers day you didn’t need to deposit the dollars, it was free all the way. 

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