CPTION Tech, An IT Solutions Company Is Hiring For Multiple Positions

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Last week CPTION Tech reached out to us with the intention to giveaway free website and application design to 10 lucky readers and we felt that was a grand opportunity for interested readers.

What positions?

From the horses mouth, here are the positions CPTION Tech are looking for along with what they require:

We are looking to expand. We would like to hire people for the following positions (remote  work is acceptable):

  • Web Developer
  • Systems Administrator (for web server)
  • App Developer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Graphics Designer

We feel that your tech-savvy readers would be great for these positions.

CPTION Tech has a unique line of thinking and we refuse to pick candidates based on academic ‘excellence’, we would like to ask candidates to submit any documents (whether they are certificates or something else) that they feel are relevant but first and foremost we would like to be convinced that they are suitable. Our team consists of creative thinkers and hence we would like to ask anyone who wants to join us to define their own criteria. In other words, they will decide whether to submit a CV, a letter, or whatever else comes to mind.

We are all aware of the employment situation in our country and we really hope this opportunity will benefit someone reading our blog. For those interested email CPTION Tech: jobs@cptiontech.com

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  1. Sagitarr

    These are great opportunities but please can they clarify if they are looking for software developers in a general (and wide) sense or people whose interests, skills and experience are restricted to developing web sites and mobile applications?