ZOL Partners UAE Firm To Introduce Recycling Service For Electronic Devices

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
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ZOL has partnered with EnviroServe – A UAE based recycling firm- which focuses on e-scrap, Household Recycling and Special Waste. This partnership will be used to provide recycling services for electronic devices. The service will be available in Harare to begin with before rolling out to other cities.

Where will the bins be located?

The bins will be placed at ZOL, Liquid Telecom, and Econet shops across the city and the point of this new initiative is to create a better environment whilst also allowing people to dispose of their devices in a more responsible way. The whole point of this exercise is to ensure that citizens can dispose of items like old phones, laptops, keyboards, monitors and many other electronic devices.

This will be a hard sell in Zim, but a very good thing if we do take it up…

It is interesting that this is being introduced in Zimbabwe and I wonder whether people will be taking this up. We usually tend to be attached to our personal things and because of that we usually have very old phones or laptops just lying around and not being used at all.

At times people would rather sell these beat down devices and the idea of giving them away in an economy such as ours may not appeal to people. I do think that the habit of selling these devices is to people who do not understand what they are buying should stop.

The more responsible thing to do if you have an 8 year laptop is to recycle it and now really there is no excuse on why you can’t recycle since prominent names such as ZOL, Econet and Liquid are getting in this field. I really hope people take this up because its a very cool solution and this is how we actually develop cultures.


  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    How is recycling a device, more responsible than selling it when I can? If I no longer want a device I should sell it, if someone wants it, and use that money to for something else. Even if I get just $10, that’s enough for a decent amount of airtime. And I strongly doubt ZOL and Econet are recycling these devices solely out of the goodness of their hearts, they are probably paid down the line per tonne of scrap electronics. Whilst you on the other hand, delivered your devices to their doorstep at your own expense and gave it to them for free.

  2. Mwalimu

    We actually pay the Japanese to deal with their scrap cars problem. Electronic waste is a big problem world wide. It needs careful disposal. Therefore the recycling companies make a profit out of solving the waste problem that the municipalities could not handle

  3. Flawed

    I totally agreed with the writer till I read the first comment… There’s no way Econet is giving freebies… They can give me 10$airtime to drop it off

  4. Lawrence Mbonjani

    Not for nothing of course,we spent some money on this and a small token from Zol will be much appreciated!