This Startup Is Trying To Tackle Zimbabwe’s Cash Crisis

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If you’ve been living in Zimbabwe over the past few years or even just visited there is one thing that resonates throughout the country. We are a digital economy. This is not by design but actually a result of other issues that I would rather not remind fellow Zimbabweans.

Anyway, because of the cashless nature of our economy, it is always interesting when a service provider promises to solve the cash issues. The usual response to such services is usually “HOW?”

How does a crypto-based solution sound to you?

Enter Kuvacash… The startup is trying to implement a cryptocurrency solution that ensures the cash struggles become a thing of the past. KuvaCash is a Dash-record $550K USD undertaking, funded directly by the Dash treasury via its unique governance model, and aims to provide Zimbabwe with its first-ever peer-to-peer localized cryptocurrency payment service for anyone with a phone-number-based messaging system.

The initial launch will cater for agents that will facilitate infrastructure on the ground, ensuring there are physical kiosks for locals who seek to top up their Kuvacash accounts or cash-out to USD. The timelines of this initial launch are not known publicly so we are not sure when this will be happening.

The service will come with a free mobile app which enables them to:

  • Trade
  • Exchange to and from USD
  • Mobile payments
  • Top-ups

Kuvacash will be backed by Dash – a digital currency for payments- which is strange considering what’s unfolded in the crypto scene here in Zim over the past few weeks. You’ll probably remember the Reserve Bank banned cryptos and then warned the public against trading. (Golix went on to take the RBZ to court and win the case so it seems cryptos are welcome again).

Even though it seems the RBZ is not a big fan of they seem to be ok with Kuvacash…

RBZ already licenced Kuvacash

Kuvacash secured an ADLA money services licence from the RBZ back in April. ADLA stands for Authorised Dealers with Limited Authorities and with this licence, operators (such as Kuvacash) are allowed to complete transfers which include cash-to-cash money transfers, international wire transfers, international mobile transfers and international Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, and mobile companion prepaid card transfers.

It’s a bit confusing that Kuvacash is licenced yet their business uses cryptos as the underlying technology. This may mean the RBZ had been planning to embrace cryptos and then they had a sudden change of heart for some reason but it seems Kuvacash might actually be safe from all the chaos surrounding RBZ and their outlook on Crypto.

Is the crypto issue really resolved?

We are not sure how the central bank will respond having lost the court battle against local crypto exchange Golix but for now, it seems the coast to resume crypto activities is clear.

Coming soon?

We are not yet sure when this service will actually be going live in Zim but they were targeting the second quarter of this year. This means they still have one month to go.



  1. Salim Zulu

    Welcome to the Fintech Industry Kuvacash!

  2. Anonymous

    RBZ, you cannot fight the future… Crypto is here to stay.. that’s why the inventor of bitcoin is anonymous cause he knew that people and gvts would come after him… on top of that he made it open source… genius… Peer to peer transactions make it even harder to monitor..

  3. Anonymous

    All governments should look to the future , blockchain and crypto will change the way business and institutions function either they wake up and smell the coffee or remain behind watch and let other economies boom , if the open for business stance we have taken is what we really want , as a country we need to consider adopting this technology asap.

  4. SoTypMe

    I’m not a techie so this might be a stupid question to some but: how does this service uniquely help in tackling the cash crisis?
    I feel like I might want in on this when it launches, but I don’t want another “Ecocash account”.

    1. Dave

      I agree, to me this seems just like another EcoCash account. Seems they’re still gonna require me to deposit USDs anyway.

  5. stoopid article

    So whats new here? How does this solve the cash issue? We have ecocash & swipe etc etc already. The only way to tackle the cash crisis is more cash in circulation, not another electronic payments system. DUMB ARTICLE !!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Dash is the currency normally requested by software ransom hackers as it is not easily traceable

  7. tiki

    Who says balances can be backed by Dash? That is not in the licence so where has that come from?

  8. VaMhlanga

    Stop this nonsense.
    Is our real problem about how to move move money electronically?

  9. Thomas

    Good news to Zimbabweans and the cryptocurrency, Dash is one of the best cryptocurrencies existing today and I am sure this initiative will benefit the country and everyone Big time, also it will get more Zimbos crypto-savvy more which is good as the future of payments etc.. belongs to the cryptocurrencies.

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