OneMoney Throws Punches At Ecocash

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Yesterday’s proposed ban of the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service didn’t go without NetOne’s notice. This morning NetOne posted pictures on their social media platforms (kind of) mocking the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service and simultaneously promoting their OneMoney (OneMoney Card to be specific) as some kind of an alternative to ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service.

However, the sarcasm is misplaced. Ecocash is not a competitor to OneMoney so to me the jibe doesn’t make sense. To begin with, Ecocash is a system and OneMoney with its OneMoney card is just part of a system (Zimswitch). Furthermore, the Ecocash card is not ZimSwitch-linked like the OneMoney card meaning that the Ecocash card works in its unique-built ecosystem whereas the OneMoney card works in a borrowed system(Zimswitch).

What does this mean?

Ecocash has its own ecosystem which it does not share with banks. It means the money in an Ecocash card is not shared or switched to other banks but its circulated in the Ecocash ecosystem. Therefore, Ecocash doesn’t depend on a foreign system it has no control over. 

Whereas, OneMoney’s survival depends on the ZimSwitch Ecosystem which is shared by all banks in Zimbabwe. Since the OneMoney Card is linked to many banks (because of ZimSwitch), OneMoney has no control over the Zimswitch system and thus the money doesn’t stay in the OneMoney system.  

Actually, with the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service, OneMoney is at risk of losing money out of their wallets since people can just ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ using the OneMoney card. Thus transferring money from the OneMoney ecosystem into the Ecocash system.

As such OneMoney is not a competitor in the eyes of Ecocash but just a platform they are benefiting from. As far as I am concerned the only company that gives Ecocash goosebumps is ZimSwitch, not OneMoney.

In a nutshell, Ecocash is a direct competitor to Zimswitch as both institutions have platforms that circulate money in their own ecosystems.

Ecocash debit card is OneMoney’s Competitor

Rather than talking about OneMoney and Ecocash in the same breath, I would rather talk about the OneMoney debit card and Ecocash debit card.  Although OneMoney debit card and Ecocash debit card stand shoulder to shoulder to a certain extent, the Ecocash debit card is a bit above since it does international payments. Up until OneMoney collaborate with Visa or MasterCard for international payments, it will continue to lag behind Ecocash.


  1. Natsayi

    Apa wataura apa Techzim. Spot on. Netone should sit down and follow silently

  2. sg

    One money take notes from ecocash

  3. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    You haven’t written anything meaningful from my perspective. OneMoney is a mobile money product that makes it a direct competitor to EcoCash, a mobile money product too, even though OneMoney is smaller. Misjudging competition because of it’s size has been the folly of many. They are competing for the exact same clientele.

    ZimSwitch is not a competitor to EcoCash, they both move funds, but they fundamentally work differently. You and I are not ZimSwitches customers, the bank you use is (or might be). You have no choice in how your money is moved when you swipe, prior to forex issues we swiped via VISA, MasterCard and ZimSwitch transparently. The choice to use ZimSwitch thus lies with the bank. Inspite of that, a bank cannot choose to switch their transactions via EcoCash. On the other hand, with EcoCash, you are their customer. EcoCash is actually ZimSwitches customer for Swipe-to-Ecocash. ZimSwitch and EcoCash do not draw from the same clientele pool, even indirectly, a requirement to be a competitor.

    The EcoCash card also doesn’t operate in isolation as you are trying to have us believe. It is linked to MasterCard and the Steward banking system. EcoCash has NO control over either of these systems.

    The OneMoney card is linked to ZimSwitch making more payment facilities available to you, compared to the EcoCard MasterCard. The fact the someone can Swipe into EcoCash from OneMoney is not relevant because, money by it’s nature circulates. Even money in the EcoCash system leaves to go into the banking system, or into people hands when they cash out. It’s not a loss, it’s how money works. It actually benefits them more, because these platforms make the most money when you transact out.

    EcoCash’s card does have the benefit of international payments, but how many people are actually using them for such payments compared to just using them to swipe. I think you wrote the article with a predisposed bias towards EcoCash without remaining objective.

  4. wokenman

    So you guys are gonna defend your beloved Econet by bringing up a PHANTOM CARD which does not exist on the ground anymore??? Please be serious.

  5. Gerald

    Actually, with the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service, OneMoney is at risk of losing money out of their wallets since people can just ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ using the OneMoney card. Thus transferring money from the OneMoney ecosystem into the Ecocash system. Chakanyanya kikiki

  6. Tambayi nevamwe zvakanaka

    I think touting the Ecocash card as having an advantage of allowing international payments is erroneous, we all know that such a thing is not possible. Let’s write about that when it becomes possible again to do so. For now the Ecocash card is just another local card.

    I think you wrote this article with ill will against OneMoney. Ecocash’s advantage is mostly just the large user base, besides that…..

  7. masha

    Manyora apa Techzim👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Fusion

    One thing’s for zimswitch need to up their game

  9. Lol

    Help me guys kutenga Onefusion neEcoCash ndoita sei?

    1. Anonymous

      Google Hot Recharge or go to

  10. Chibaba

    @imi vanhu musadaro i applaud you for that piece these techzim guys are econet sponsored so anything that netone or telecel does they always have a bias towards econet.

  11. Shalom

    Techzim is so right, the playoffs field has never been level but Econet reigns supreme.

  12. Shalom

    Techzim is so right, the playing field has never been level but Econet reigns supreme

  13. Munoda

    One wallet inochemei, they are reaping where they didn’t sow!

  14. Ra’s al Ghul

    This article is inspired by Herald. Please write objectively, otherwise highlight clearly that this is your wife’s opinion. Otherwise it’s just a wrong influence to an honest public.

  15. BiasedReportingMustFall

    This is one of your worst articles ever. It appears your hands were greased to write such a biased article. You should spend time understanding the challenges that ecocash has faced with their swipe into ecocash. Too many system errors. And getting that sorted is a nightmare. I went for 5 weeks before being refunded my funds that had debited from my account but not swiped into ecocash. Was tossed between CBZ, Steward, Econet and the merchant. So there is a problem with swipe into ecocash. It needs to be fixed. OneMoney card though, by virtue of being on Zimswitch, offers a seamless transfer onto the card from any Zimswitch account. Now that’s convenience!

  16. Wezhira

    I am sorry to say Sir, buy you do not know what you are writing about. Please research your subject before you write.
    OneMoney is a mobile money platform, Exactly the same as EcoCash, Telecash, etc even TextaCash, e-Wallet. They differ in the way they integrate to banks … EcoCash connects to every bank, while Telecash basically connects via Zimswitch. In fact, all these can use either way, or even both.

    Indeed One Money is a competitor of EcoCash. Even though they are much smaller. Please inform people correctly. Also your article sounds one sided & bashing / mocking one side. Try to be balanced a bit.