Responds To DNS Issues Causing Down Time

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As regards to yesterday’s article which reported that the domain registrar  was down, we managed to contact the team at to tell us their official position. This is what they had to say:

Dear Valued Partners,

We would like to inform you that due to the issues on our DNS servers as some of you may already know and may have been affected, we were prompted to move our DNS hosting to new servers. The issue hasn’t been fully resolved as yet, but, we have made considerable progress as the nameservers are now back up though we are still working on importing the DNS records from our database on the old servers.

As we work on resolving the issue, in the meantime we are also updating some of the domains manually to use your Hosts’ DNS hosting service.

Please bear with us as we work on the solution to this issue. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Warm Regards,

The Team


  1. Johannes Swart

    This is driving me away from recommending for any further sign ups. As an IT manager for a large Corporate in Zimbabwe I would expect a service that has been running this long to have long ago sorted out it’s failover systms. Not only has this been an inconvenience but companies that rely on not only a web presence but simply email are actively losing money because of this. Perhaps a different contender in the market is required.

    1. Dee

      True , I guess thy fired their IT now thy can’t fix it. It doesn’t take much time to migrate , this guys hv no clue about ths tech

  2. Dee

    Bad 1 week, it’s still down

  3. Dee

    M switching to webdev