Microsoft Launches It’s First Software Testing Centre In Kenya

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If you follow Tech news around the region you’ll probably know that Kenya has really been on a surge when it comes to development in their tech space of late. As recently as two weeks ago we were talking about activity in the Kenyan gaming scene. Now it seems Kenya is at it once again as Microsoft is launching their first Software Testing Centre in Africa.

Microsoft is partnering with Techno Brain Limited (an IT Solutions firm) to make this happen. The centre will be located in Nairobi, Kenya and joins Microsoft’s three other software testing facilities with others in India, China and Poland.

As a result of this new development, Kenyans will get other perks which include early access Windows OS builds. Developers in the country will get to test software before it is available. Since Techno Brain will be responsible for testing and quality assurance, it is believed this partnership will create over a thousand jobs and will also catapult the skill of developers

The Director of Software Engineering at Microsoft Bambo Sofola seems to share the sentiment that Kenya is really a high-potential nation when it comes to tech-related developments. He said:

Kenya is said to be Africa’s ultimate technology hub of the future and it is rapidly growing in that area. Microsoft is here to support and enable Kenya and Kenyan’s to excel and achieve that purpose

Developments such as these will continue to strengthen Kenya’s position as one of Africa’s most innovative countries in the tech space and the constant developments in the Kenyan tech space really should motivate us to catch up


  1. JamesM

    Kenya’s politics while deadly at times don’t bring its economy down to its knees. In Zim, that’s exactly what happened. The economy is in tatters. Look where Kenya is and where we are. Even google has a regional office in Kenya. Now Microsoft.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Totally agree with you! Those guys are doing a lot of things but I also think the attitude they have taken towards these things is much better than the one in Zimbabwe and even though its impossible to measure attitude it seems those guys have approached this stuff with the right enthusiasm

  2. Sharia

    Until Zim belongs to all its citizens we’re in BS. Right now it belongs to the war vets, development will come only when all of them are dead, about 30 years from now. As it is, they’re on a determined mission to ensure that all citizens feel & live “the life of the bush”, urban life is in decline and turning rural from whatever perspective you choose to look from.